Dear Carmina,

Yes I’m writing to myself, what do you care? I have a very bad memory and a year from now, I might not be able to remember half the things I did in 2013. Except maybe for the fact that my first half of the year was such a roller coaster ride I may be able to remember everything—which is why I’m writing about this!

Anyway, Forgetful Lucy Carmina, this week, if you would re-read this blog post, I would like to let you know that it has been a great week for you!

First, your show’s host, who is a Peabody award winner and you have admired for a long time, said that you have the potential in writing. If you still don’t believe me, here’s a screencap of her SMS. Before that though, I would also like to tell you that you have thought long and hard if you should post it for all the world to see or just contain all the happiness because maybe it was just a ‘tsamba’ after all.

But then you thought, when you have shared to everyone how broken you were, all your problems and joys, why wouldn’t you share the highlights of your week, right?


Screen_20131023_010038You got this text message in the wee hours of the morning and when you first saw the name on your phone, you’re like, “Shet, bakit niya ko tinext ng ganitong oras?” and when you read it, cloud nine, literally. You thought, kinikilig ka pa rin pala! Hahaha!

Right now though, you’re hoping she wouldn’t mind you posted this exchange of conversation between you two. It’s just that it’s not everyday you get an overwhelming feedback from one of the trusted people in the industry that you truly admire. ‘Di ba? 😉

Also this week, you got to see three of the bands you never thought you’d see play live in your life. You were able to get good seats and bond with your sister. You also realized what a good taste you’ve had in music, all thanks to your brothers who hogged the TV remote control back in the day and used their “I’m older than you” card so they get to watch MTV, Myx or Channel V whenever they want to. Sure, you love Mandy Moore, Britney Spears and N’Sync, but when you look at your iPod’s playlist, it’s like a boy owns it. Lol. Thank God your brothers didn’t like all those hip hop shit that you still can’t comprehend up until now: how they do have sales, and why do people like them?


Cheers to finally seeing Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth and Gin Blossoms play live. Mark McGrath is just uh-mazzzzing! That’s Sugar Ray by the way rocking to “Someday” good times, good times.



Also, you just can’t resist this obligatory “feet shot” with Smash Mouth playing in the background. And you think “Where will these feet take us next?” Oh yeah, you are also in love with your new shoes in there, lol.

This week is not just rainbows and butterflies though, life must be really good at you if ever this thing didn’t happen to you. And you’re not working in the media if this did not happen! Lol.

You had a shoot for another show and you had a fight with your producer. Not really fight-fight though, more like misunderstandings and pilitan levels na mai-shoot kahit hindi naman kaya ng one day coordination kind of problem and you have to re-shoot. Urrrgh.

That was on Tuesday, where you also met the Paras (Kobe and Andre) brothers who are superrrr cute you wish you were 16 so you can date them and you’ll not be labeled as Freddie Aguilar. On Thursday, you were able to redeem yourself and proved that you were not a bad researcher after all. You made magic happen. You still can’t believe you did! And oh, you met Claudine Barretto too!



IMG-20131024-01294Your topic’s about male rape. And yes, it happens.

By Wednesday night, you were itching to finally have a decent Friday night with all the shit you just pulled and you did! You had a blast having drinks at Rufo’s with your Powerhouse family, where one of your friends is brokenhearted. You think he’ll get over it by 2014 and be back to his old non-sentimental Instagram posts that makes you “Shet, drama!” Haha. But when you found at where he’s coming from, you just want to smack him in the head, maybe that’ll put some sense into him, right?



Powerhouse family! Cheers to more nights like these! Minus the heartbroken people part! lol

Below is Ate Joy’s learnings from that one fuuun night!

Tonight’s learnings: 
1. Pag nagrerekla-reklamo na ang jowa mo nang wala namang katuturan, it could be a sign na makikipagbreak sya o nakahanap na sya ng iba at inaantay lang na ikaw ang makipag break. 
2. Kakantahan mo kasi lagi, in the first place, para di magreklamo. 
3. Ang mga ‘tanga-tangahan’ na chicks ay maaaring nagpapa-cute.
4. Dapat laging may  sa texts pag nagfa-follow up ang isang SP sa mga researcher para di sila natatakot sayo. 
5. Ang mura ng beer sa Rufo’s.

Mine would have to be: Okay lang maging tanga, pero may limit dapat; mga pag matagal na kayo at ikaw lang ang adjust ng adjust, e hala, iwanan mo na yan, not worth it.

By midnight, you went to another friend’s booze night at Tides Timog and drank with the kids. You thought “Shit, I’m old” and you hate yourself for thinking so, f*ck that almost a decade gap! Que horror talaga!

Overall, it was a pretty damn good night to end your exhausting week. Yey you!

Right now you’re feeling like you’re such a bad blogger because you have not updated the blog for more than a week! Screw you! Haha. You’re also thinking how a bad photographer you are, you weren’t able to capture moments that matter! So much for having 3 units in Photography. Now all you have are memories, but your excuse is that only meant you had fun because you forgot to take pictures for posterity sake!

Now try not to be Forgetful Lucy, because honey, Henry Roth does not really exist.


Your Current Self talking to the Future “Dory” you.