I saw a post on my FB wall today. A mom is super proud of her son placing tenth in the second quarter of school which reminded me of this scene about two weeks ago.

My mama to my niece Peyu: Halika dito mag-usap tayo. Nakuha ko yung card mo. Bakit Top 5 ka lang? Dapat mga nasa Top 2 ka a. Mag-aral ka ng mabuti!

Ayun galit pa siya. Kung ibang nanay siguro ipinangangalandakan na nasa Top 5 ang anak niya. My mother? Iba level ng pagka-competitive niya. I remember that one time in elementary when I was so giddy for having only 2 mistakes in the periodical exam in SIBIKA and she was like “Bakit may mali ka pa? Di mo pa pinerfect.” As a little kid, I was confused. She wasn’t happy. That happened again high school, I was so proud of myself for having 2 mistakes in a periodical exam in T.H.E. and she said the same thing, I never learned. Lol.

And then there was also that one time in high school when I didn’t get any “Best in (insert subject here)” when I got almost all awards the previous year. She was fuming mad at me. Thankfully, my sister, Cat, didn’t get any as well so she didn’t realize that she isn’t invited to the recognition day until almost the end of the school year and we were forced to tell her that we didn’t study enough.

In college, I think I must have shown her my “i-eenjoy ko tong last part na to ng school life ko, wala sa plano ko mag-top ten” attitude that she really didn’t mind my 2.5 and at one point, a 2.75 in my class card. Crap. Haha. Turned out, I was still the competitive kind of kid she raised since I was more pissed off about it than her.

My father, on the other hand, is not as hard as my mom when it comes to studying. He is proud in all my accomplishments and when he sees me burning the midnight oil on the night of exams and so sleepy at that, he told me once: ‘Wag mong pilitin. Itulog mo na yan. Natulog na ko, then I woke up at 6am knowing nothing at THE, crammed all the ideas I can get from skimming and eventually got only 2 mistakes in the exam. Yep, same exams sa itaas.

What is my point? Oh, nothing. I’m just glad that I grew up in a place where my parents pressures me from doing my best in everything and at the same time being proud in everything I do. Heck, my father even remembered I was the flyer during cheerdance competitions back in high school. Lol.

I believe that this kind of upbringing helped me in being always competing not with other people, but with myself. Haha! Ang hirap kalaban ng sarili, wala kang kakampi kung hindi sarili mo, at wala ka ring ibang kalaban. I always, always want to surpass my previous accomplishments while still having the time to take a breather and so far, I really think I’m doing well.

Wala, random thoughts lang. How were you brought up? How has it helped you to be the kind of person you are today?