You all know that this blog is my baby right? And by it being my baby, I love it to bits and I am allowing it to have all the mistakes in the world for all I care. This is where I show you a part of my cranium that I wouldn’t normally show in ordinary conversations even if we knew each other since my lampin days. Yeah, I didn’t get to use Pampers. Haha!

This is also the place where I allow myself to look stupid like this picture:


Yeah, I’m that kind of girl who allows herself to look stupid in the intarnetz. I seriously don’t know why I humiliate myself when I tend to be all laitera and stuff. At least somebody thinks I deserve an award for that!


And this is also the place where I humiliate not only myself, but my sister as well.

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So last night I received this message via Facebook:


The person’s name will not be disclosed because contrary to popular belief that I am such a mean girl, I have in fact, been trying to lay low on the “Regina George” a long time ago. You should be glad you haven’t met me in 2010. In fact, when I read this last night, I told myself “Itulog mo yan, Carmina, ngayon, kung bukas paggising mo ay ganyan pa rin ka-intense ang inis mo, sige, isulat mo, hindi kita pipigilan.” E paggising ko, ito agad yung naisip ko, e di isulat.

In my defense, hindi ako agad nainis nung sinita ako sa mali ko. Pucha, araw-araw ako nagkakamali, hindi ako perpekto. At sabi nga ni Dong Abay, “Wala namang perpektong tao.”

Apparently, he thought that I was being mean when I posted this status a few days ago:


Ang post na ‘yan ay isang obserbasyon lang naman. At iyan na rin ang paraan ko ng pagsasabing ito po ang tamang pagbasa sa salitang meme. I just do things differently and people who really know me know that. Now if some people don’t get it, then I don’t give a flying fuck. Yeah, that title up there is a deliberate error. I do not want to use the F word in my title, yet again. I might get accused of raping the word.

Tumaas talaga ang kilay ko nang mabasa ko yung message, particularly the last part. So sino ka para payuhan ako? Sa totoo lang, I’m not that kind of person na mapanglait pero hindi kayang tumanggap ng kritisismo. I remember back in college when I mispronounced the word “Cannes” and read it as “Cans” my classmate JB told me “‘Di ba Cannes (can)” and I said “Ah, “Can” ba?” And then there are my MassComm friends who would bitchslap you with your grammatical errors every now and then and mock you with it the rest of the week, you’re lucky if they don’t catch your errors. And don’t even get me started with my sister who appears to be my personal proofreader (we do that to each other) and my big brother Albert who would check your Ps and Fs. Yeah, we hold the “red ballpen” and edit you in your face.

But I refuse to do that in this site. Because proofreading myself would make this site less fun and that would mean I am still working. And this is not some sort of work for me.

This is not an internet marketing article I have to check a lot of times; that I have to double check if the keyword density is correct; if the use of tenses are correct or if the number of words are achieved.

This is not a script I would let my host read and be aired not only locally, but internationally that I have to check a bajillion times before sending it out to my executive producer and program manager. Heck, I even long for revisions because when I see revisions I get to learn how to really write for TV.

And up until now that most of my readers are the same people I have mentioned above, they have not once corrected me, because they know that this is just some sort of an outlet. If you know me as much as they do, you wouldn’t message with that, and I wouldn’t be up in the morning writing a rant blog about it. Heck, I don’t even plan to win an award for this. Lol.

And yeah, dude, if you’re going to tell me that message above, at least proofread it first. Because you forgot the word “I,” like how I sometimes forgot to change the tense of the pronoun or noun or verb or spelling. See? You’re not perfect too, so don’t be all self-righteous on me and tell me what to do.

Dahil dyan, I back read to five or seven previous posts and check my grammatical errors again. I knew there are lots, because I have seen them before. Yes, I didn’t edit them. Yes, I am that lazy.

And as a proof, here are some of the errors I caught even before that I didn’t even bother to edit:


Yeah, I wrote “found at” when it should have been “found out.”


And then I wrote “you’ve had” when what I really meant was “you have”


Dang it. I meant FB news feed, not wall. Why would that FB friend post it to my wall?1

Insert the word “to” in between get and produce.2

Yes, I even told everyone I failed the diagnostic exams and I had to retake it, so you don’t need to threaten me with “not posting it on my FB post.” No, I am not going to thank you for that. Because yes, I humiliate myself even before other people can do that to me.

And this is the root of that message above:


Yeah, I missed “this” instead of using the plural form “these.” Sue me. Ang lalaki raw kasi ng mga dine-describe ko. Charots! If you’re wondering, you can find the said post before this one.

You happy now? I went out of my busy day just to skim my previous works and show people that I, too, make mistakes. Now you have to thank me I made a post out of all of this. And yes, you don’t get to threaten me. Because I have been doing that to myself even before you knew of m y existence.

This is also the reason why I don’t type my blogs first on MS Word and instead I type it directly to the text page of WordPress. Masyadong pakielamera si MS Word, kasing-pakielamera ni auto correct and I can’t just have that. I can’t have some stupid machine auto correcting me, I can’t have some stupid program showing me tons of red, green or blue zigzag-gy underlines shouting: “Mali ka, mali ka, mali ka!” Just because they don’t understand the words I type does not make them right. And because I don’t give a fuck on programs correcting me, why in the world would I give a fuck on people telling me what to do with my life?

My parents have given me the driver’s wheel and the keys and license to drive my life the way I wanted to even before I turned eighteen. Who do you think you are to tell me to stop finding faults in other people?

Nakikibasa ka na lang. For the record, I am not forcing anybody to read my posts or statuses. I don’t even add up people on Facebook unless I really wanted to, or have to. So if you get to read my statuses and you hate it, you are free to hide me in your feeds, unfriend or block. I wouldn’t bat an eyelash if you do.

Sa totoo lang, hindi ko naman ginawa ‘tong blog na ‘to para sa mga taong makikibasa. Kasi nakikibasa lang talaga kayo. Outlet ko ito. Hindi ko na maalala kung ilang beses kong sinabing kaya ako nagme-maintin ng blog ay dahil I have a crappy memory and I need to have something to encapsulate all the memories and feelings I felt that specific time, at isa na ‘to sa mga pagkakataong iyon. Kaya puro rants ito kasi nga outlet ko ito. This is my other friend when all my friends are asleep at hindi ko na sila matext ng mga rants ko sa buhay.

This is my blog. I can do whatever I want with it. I can post all the mean stuff, the nitty gritty of my observations, the sarcasm and the whatnot. If you can’t take it, then you are not welcome here.

Okay. I feel so much better now. Ktnxbye.