Earlier today I got a wall post from a friend telling me “Y u no write anymore, Carmina? Last post was in Dec. 11 pa! Y u such a slob?” like I owe it to these people that they read my stuff. Chareeeeng! That wall post made me realize that hey! I am such a slob these days. Haha!

Cheers for the parang estudyante vacation!

In my defense, I have been busy from December 12 ’til before Christmastime! Our team got busy shooting for our Christmas episode (we collected money via caroling to our past rich and famous guests for the benefit of #YolandaPH) so I think I really have an excuse here. Right?

Afterwards, I got busy with buying Christmas gifts, wrapping Christmas gifts, unwrapping two Christmas gifts (lol) and drinking and singing until 5 in the morning on Christmas eve. Cut the feelingerang writer some slack, it’s Christmas!

I haven’t even been able to upload videos and photos I took last Christmas. I mean, thank the technology gods for Instagram, right? If it weren’t for that, I would be almost nonexistent in the intarnetz. Are you hating me yet because of my Instagram hyperactivity? At least you didn’t see selfies every hour. Teehee.

Anywhores, that’s about it. All I’ve been doing lately is watch Breaking Bad. It’s my third day of watching and I’m on season four. Boom! Yeah, I’m such a late bloomer to this show. It’s just that all the series that I have been following are on hiatus right now so I had the time to start a new one and I may be able to finish that before the Christmas ends. Or not. I recently got unsolicited, read between the lines spoiler on the show and I’m still annoyed I actually stopped watching tonight. That’s why I’m writing. Depending on my mood, maybe I’ll watch it again tomorrow. But right now, I’m thinking of watching Homeland season 3.

I still intend to finish Breaking Bad though as I’m seeing similarities to its storytelling intelligence to Prison Break. Although Prison Break’s such a badass, I can’t even begin to start how awesome Michael Scofield’s brain is. You’d know what I’m talking about if you have watched the series.

What else?

Well, because of that wall post, Cat (I would link her here but I’m so tamad here’s the url instead: catmones.blogspot.com) my sister and I actually talked about merging our blogs like what these sisters do: vernverniece.com. Again, so tamad to link, so just copy and paste. They’re fashion bloggers I follow. But we’re not going to do fashion blogging, because that’s too mainstream. Chos. Sure, we love fashion as much as the next maarte girl in town, but tags like “top from, skirt from and shoes from” not so much in our minds. Don’t get me wrong though, I like following them, let them do their thing! And we’ll do ours: speaking our minds. 🙂

So do you think it’s a good idea? Let us know! Figured it’d be a great way not to get “Y u no post in weeks, Carminaaa?!” messages. Haha! But I love that people ask about my posts, I’m so kilig!

So before the year ends, here’s what you’re getting from me:

-a what a year that was post

-a last “meanie observation” post

-Cheers to 2014

How predictable can I get?

I’m crossing my fingers I get to write and not get hooked on Homeland or Breaking Bad, plus we’re editing our Powerhouse episode for the next year and I’ve three more Christmas dates, waaaaah!

P.S. photo not mine