I’m kind of back from the undead! Yihee! I’m finally done with all five seasons of Breaking Bad in five days, boom, a 5 years’ worth of series shown in the US from 2009-2013.

Anyway, here’s a super quick feelingerang review for y’all, if ever you want to watch the series.

It’s boring. So why the hell did I watched it for five straight days, you ask? I’ve nothing to do! Charr. It was good actually, it’s just that for an action drama, it has a lot of talkies, and less of action. I mean seriously, how much more action can you ask if the story’s about a genius chemist professor who turned into a meth kingpin? Right?

The actors are good though, especially the leads Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. I did have a love and hate feeling with their characters, especially with Pinkman’s. I mean, this guy should really learn how to use his brain. Oh wait. Maybe his brain’s fried from all the weed and meth he took. All his brilliant ideas were all just “Eureka” moments, if I may add. His loyalty though is admirable. But he’s just stupid. That’s it. Walter White on the other hand, ang mukhang pera! In the first few episodes, he said all he needed was $737,000 to leave his family when he’s dead from the cancer. When he already got millions, he wouldn’t stop. How greedy, can you get? But I can’t blame him though, having all that money? I love that he’s so unemotional unlike Pinkman, I mean, you really have to be ruthless, yo, if you’re in this kind of business, bitch.

Oh! Another character that I liked is Saul Goodman. Better call Saul!

With the story line, I think it kept on going in circles, they’d find a distributor and this distributor is going to screw them big time leaving the two penniless, right back where they started. Although I kind of think that it only meant that easy money is bound to be gone as easily as it had come. If seasons 1-3 would be as gripping as the latter part of season 4 and season 5, then this would have been a super great action drama. Thumbs up for AMC still. And the writers!

I am finding it hard though not to compare it with Fox’s Prison Break. The lead, Michael Scofield, is every bit as intelligent as Mr. White when it comes to strategies and tactics. Both have death sentence (White has lung cancer while Scofield has brain tumor, if I remember it correctly) and both did what they have to do for their family.

What makes Prison Break better (in my opinion) than BB though is that it is more gripping and there are no dull moments, especially in season 1. I mean, all those tattoos he had are all part of the plan, ang tali-talino ng palabas na ‘to. Even the part where it is all a bigger part of politics, iba lang talaga. The twists and turns of scenarios, enemies turned friends and all that, grabe. Hands down, the best action drama I’ve seen. BADASS pa sa BADASS! And it’s one of the two series na pinanood ko ulit. And that’s kind of a big deal for me.

Although Homeland is good, too! Ang daming aspects ang pwedeng i-touch, but I can’t say a lot for now since I haven’t watched the entire season 3 pa. If I have time pa, I surely will! I just have to give my eyes and mind a bit of a rest from all the blue meth it took for the last five days. Haha!

If you want to watch Breaking Bad, go! But I suggest you go watch Prison Break, too. Too good to pass up on this one! I’m swearing on it just as I swear that FRIENDS is the best comedy show evurrr.

Cheers to all the couch potatoes like me who would spend days in their laptops or TVs to marathon a series. Haha! I barely got my butt out of the bed, and if I did meet up with you during this time frame, you better feel fucking special. 😉

Well, that’s about it. Ikaw, anong palabas ang ire-recommend na swear hindi ka mapapahiya na nirecommend mo?