So I went out of the room to do my thing in the bathroom before writing this blog, and just as I was washing my private parts, I realized how much of an unfair world we live in. Yeah, while I was in the bathroom. Gross? Well, at least you know I wash it before I go to sleep. Haha! Charot!

Just yesterday, I went to a local supermarket before meeting up with a friend to buy a couple of things for the V: a pack of pantiliners and a pack of sanitary napkins. These cost me about more or less P50. And now I’m thinking, if us girls don’t get menstruation and stuff, we would be saving a lot of money, right? Then, if we’ll include the feminine wash (which prompted this post) then we’ll actually be saving more! And what about those girls who have more than the regular flow they have to buy overnight pads which cost more right? Not to mention those girls who does not like the feel of sanitary napkin in between their legs and opt for tampons, aren’t tampons more pricey and are harder to find in the country? Mean, you can’t buy it in the sari-sari store or in vending machines inside women’s lavatories, right?

Let’s say, I finish two packs of regular pads every month, and a pack and a half of liners. I think that will cost me at least P90. There are 12 months so 12 x 90 = P1,080! Then there’s feminine wash that costs P50 a bottle. Say, a girl can finish it in a month or two, so that’s another P600! I’m just calculating based on the price of the brands I use, okay, so it differs in every girl. What great savings it would’ve been, right?

Ang unfair talaga! Then we also have to buy meds for menstrual cramps. And if it’s reaaaally bad, we will not be able to go to work or school, and that will surely cost us!

And let’s not get started on brassieres. Lucky for me, I don’t need them ’cause I don’t have the boobs to fill them! Savings, boom! Charrrr! But seriously though, the cheapest quality bra I’ve bought are from Bench and Avon (I totally should get free bras for this!) Heck! I only wish I can afford Wacoal and Triumph without my stingy self screaming at me! Hah!

Di ba? Di ba? Di ba? Where’s the equality here? I could buy other things if it weren’t for all those basic hygienic stuff us girls need to keep ourselves clean. Grabe. And what do we get in return? Do boys have to do the same thing? Or they just let their briefs or boxers get all grimy and stuff? Or worse, do they go commando? Eeeeek!

Wala lang. Rants lang. But who’s with me on this one?