The clock on my laptop says 12:41 AM. I’m running out of time to fulfill the promise I made on my blog the other day. So here I am, staying up late on the last day of the year to write my “What A Year That Was” post.

Why 13 you might ask? Bonus yung 13th, parang 13th month pay lungs. Haha!


I officially became an independent girl, paying for my own rent, electric and water bills, association dues and food. For six months. Haha! I know it was freaking short lived because of some stupid asshole who just won’t give up. Picture above is our first breakfast as roomies!


When push came to shove, I push, shove and shove some more. Well, me and the girls. I remember telling the girls that we may have spent only 6 months under the same roof together, but our life experiences during that timeframe were just out of this world.


2013 is a year of firsts for me. It was also the first year I spent a night on a police station, Quezon City station 10, to be exact. I’m such a badass, don’t you think so? Well, I was there with 3 friends because we were fighting for our right at the place we were leasing. I don’t know if I was able to share everything in my blog, but we have a very detailed kwento on everything that has transpired in that six months’ time and I could email it to you if you’re that eager to know the reason behind why we were almost behind bars for a night.

photo 1

In terms of work, we have transitioned from our old host to a new one. And I for one am glad to have worked with THE Mel Tiangco and now writing for Kara David. I’m learning a lot of things and I am actually at that place where I am not itching to go find a new job. If anything, I am more excited to learn more and start new adventures in TV producing.


My boss thought it’s high time I get a promotion. If you are a regular reader of the blog, you may have read it already. So cheers for that and the high ratings the show is getting as well.


THE Kara David lang naman, telling me I have a knack for writing. Now, isn’t that a boost? 🙂


I finally get to go out of the city on my own, and not because of work. Well, not really alone, because I was with a friend but not with the fambam, so that’s still a first. Visited the beautiful Boracay and even if I said that I wouldn’t go back until I visit the other equally beautiful places in the country, I am itching to go back! The sand, sea and the sky is to die for. I am definitely going back.

I also realized that this year, ang dami kong sinabi na kinain ko rin naman. I said no more of this and that, more than thrice, but I just can’t resist. I keep coming back. You prolly wouldn’t get this because this is just too personal, I couldn’t divulge it in here. Maybe even the other person who knows about this does not even know that this is what I was talking about.


I am at my all time shopaholic state in 2013. I can’t remember how many shoes and clothes I bought this year. I think half of my shoes are those that I bought this year. I know. I am so bad. And then there’s online shopping which makes it even harder for me to resist buying clothes and shoes. Waaaaah!


My praning levels is also one of the things I’d like to think is one of the highlights of my 2013.This is also one of the reasons why I lived a stone throw’s away from GMA. And I still would be if it weren’t for that nakakairitang nakakabuwiset na pangyayari sometime in February. I rarely ride cabs before because I am so stingy. But whenever I am going home late, I would always ride it, no choice kumbaga. My praning levels upped a notch though when all these news about taxi drivers’ new MO surfaced and went viral on the internet. I stopped riding cabs altogether. I went home early so I can ride the jeepney, I even dodged friends’ invitations if it meant I would be going home at night. Friends are laughing at me. But ye now what, I am not at any rate ashamed to admit that I am afraid of cabs. Better to be safe than sorry.


I turned a quarter of a century old this year. And really, what has changed? What have I learned? What have I unlearned? A lot of things. And that’s going to take another post, so let’s stop dwelling on that. I am just glad that I spent my birthday salubong with friends. And although I still somehow felt bad about missing my birthday surprise, it’s okay. I’ll be having more surprises, next year, right? Harshtag nagpaparinig.


I think I grow up a little bit by being one with the many people who went to the Million People March. I mean seriously who wouldn’t get mad at Napoles and everyone involved with the billions of money they stole from us? WE SHOULD NEVER FORGET.

photo (2)

THIS. Needs no words, just pictures.

I also back read to my 2013 prediction as Marvin Dizon had read. Here are the things he said and hat happened:

He said I am under financial rubble. That was true in the first part of 2013 as I only have one show, trying to live on my own and a shopaholic. But now that I was able to get a new show, I started to regain what I lost. But I still have to look for a new show by next year since Best Men already ended, well, tonight!

He said GMA is not the last company I’d work for. I still here and still do not want to get out of the crappy system. I’m planning to do something about it on my own.

He said I am good in writing, fashion and the art. I am still too afraid to jump into that, but I got myself a sewing machine and I plan to learn how to use it, so maybe that’s a baby step, right?

He said I’d marry late. I don’t care. So long as I’d be happy with him and have kids in the future. I’m okay with waiting, but not ‘til I’m wrinkly and old, mkay?

He said I’d have sickness in the stomach. I got myself sent to the hospital twice this year because of not eating right. My friends even told me, nasugod ka na sa ospital, di ka pa rin nagsasabi samin? Haha. I’m not a crybaby anymore, I’m sorry. Just to my mom.

He said I won’t be able to go out of town. Hello, Tagaytay, Baguio, Bulacan, Boracay!

So how do you think his predictions went? Should I go back for my 2014 reading?

And that was my 2013, how did yours go?