Laptop says I still need to wait for about 22 mins, 33 mins and 5 mins for my downloads to finish. Nope, I’m not trying to start watching another series, I’m waiting for work things to download to start my work. Argh. I hate waiting. Hate it so much I’m tinkering on this phone until all my downloads are complete.

Wala lang. Completely wasted 2 minutes of your life there. Right? I just remembered I need to update this site because I had a deal with wp that I will be updating at least once a week. So this counts, right? Haha!

Still waiting for the downloads to finish. Deym internets. And the intern to come back for my other materials for preview. Maybe the universe is telling me it’s perfectly okay to rewatch another ep of Sherlock. Shizzz. Or edit that post somebody have been asking me to send to him. Malupit pa sa EP ko makapagdemand.

But don’t worry, I promise to update something worth reading and sensible here right after my episode airs on Tuesday. I have some things on my mind and three people already asked me to blog about them, the other one though asked me to blog about surviving media tips. Lol.

How does it feel to have a blogger feeling writer friend who writes about you? Do you feel special? I want to know. Write about me? Hahahaha!