Did I ever mention I’m starting to revive my love for reading? I didn’t?

I can’t remember the last time I read a book, save for that time late last year when I read John Green’s “The Fault In Our Stars”. Did I make a review about that? I haven’t? It’s okay, you didn’t really lost something there just because I didn’t give my two cents on it. Haha! If and when I had the urge, then I would, maybe before the film is shown in June. Or not. I have a quick review on Instagram though.

After that, I started reading Zafra’s “Twisted V”. I still haven’t finished that one because I got curious with Noringai’s “Parang Kayo Pero Hindi,” in which I have a medyo book review that you can read here!

Currently, I’m reading Richard Edler’s “If I Knew Then What I Know Now” (CEO’s And Other Smart Executives Share Wisdom They’d Been Told 25 Years Ago). I got this book on sale (Php120) at Savemore Nagtahan last Wednesday while waiting for a friend to fetch me to watch a movie. The title alone captured my interest as I was browsing the book sale.

I started reading it today and I‘m pretty psyched up about it. From the title itself, it’s a collection of things that successful people have learned that they wished they knew 25 years ago and are sharing it now so people don’t have to wait 25 years to know it themselves. Haha! I feel like I’m getting a sneak peek on these people’s brains and it’s amazing. 🙂

By page xi (introduction page), I had the urge to do something like this, but something that is more relatable to people who wanted to be in the industry I am in. Did I ever mention I’ve been meaning to do an “Idiot’s Guide to Surviving the Media Industry” book? I want it to be something similar to this book filled with tips from getting in, surviving and finally being successful in this crazy planets (media)! Maybe a chapter on “what I wish I knew then” and interviews from the movers and shakers of the news and public affairs, and maybe from the entertainment side as well.

By page 37, I’m hooked. Every single page is Instagram-worthy I am fighting the urge to take a picture and bombard your IGs with snapshots of these. Haha! That is how every page is helpful to young professionals like me. I’ve been hearing myself say “Oo nga no.” as I turn page after page.

I wish I found this book two years earlier. I would’ve taken the chance and ask all of my previous Powerhouse guests the same question and share it with you people. How inspiring! But I guess it’s never too late, right?

If you want to feel as hopeful and as empowered as I am today, (lulz) I can lend you the book. If you promise to return it after reading!