Hey you!

I can’t remember if I already said that I’m going to try being another kind of blogger aside from the rant-y, krungy me. Or I thought I said it already but that’s just me and my friends inside my head. 🙂


Figured I’m going to try new things aside from meeting up new people and keeping in touch with the old ones just to keep this site interesting. 🙂

Here’s what I’d do: I’ll try doing a post on 5 popular blogging types (?) over the month or so, depending on my work sched.

Here are the 5 types:

1. Fashion blogger
2. Travel blogger
3. Beauty blogger
4. Tech blogger (help me God)
5. Food blogger

I’m going to be a feelingera and post one blog of each kind and see if I can pull it off. Here’s to keeping things fresh. Blech.

Comment if you think I can be one of those aside from humiliating myself online. Hah!

I already have one in my drafts and posting it in a few along with another post that has been sitting on my notepad. It’s not going to publish itself, right?

For now, ciao!