Here’s another “what a week that was” post as if naman you guys want to know what has been happening in my life lately.

First things first: during the start of the year, I set my WordPress account of having a goal of posting one article a week to help me become a better blogger. I have been a very good blogger for three weeks until now. Haha! Here’s the thing, I’ve been busy with work and I have to prioritize things that are of importance because that buys the shoes, clothes, and pays the bills (which include internets) that allows me to update this site. Haha!

Since I have been a very bad blogger, not only a friend who “lovingly” called my Wp inactivity walang kwenta is nagging me to update this site, WP is nagging me to write as well. It kinda felt like an editor is nagging me to pass my article already. Lol.

Work Week: Manic Mondays

My weekends and Monday and Tuesday were spent for segment producer duties. I revised my entire script last Saturday as per the meeting on Friday. Gaaahd, I swear that was one of the hardest revisions I had to make since I already made the treatment and segmentation that way. Sure, it’s just bits and pieces of resequencing four segments, but that’s the thing I find so hard. Anyway, I made the revisions as per the bosses’ instructions but changed it up on how I wanted it to be shown, tigas ng ulo ko shet. But I guess that worked out well. So yay me! And yay for good ratings for that episode as well!

I was too lazy to go to work on Tuesday because all my segments had the necessary inserts needed for the ep. It’s the bosses’ call now which part to edit out or retain for the episode.

However, I had this nagging feeling that I can’t let my own episode go on air without me sitting during curing (editing). I mean, we always say, “Hindi pa tapos ang trabaho hangga’t hindi pa umeere.” So I went to work; which was really good becuase there are some parts that only I can answer. At mas mabuti ng andun ako. I’d like to think that every episode I produce is my baby, and I really don’t have the heart to let it go on air na wala ako. I feel like a bad mother. Haha!

Today though, I woke up with this text message from my Powerhouse guest:


And that made all the difference. Okay na ko.

On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday, I met up with different people who I met from the school, university and at work to catch up from what’s happening in our lives.

Now how cool is that? Blogging about that in a while!

Ikaw? How did your week went?