Hooray! The sun is shining and I’m no longer as lazy as I was a few days back because of the weather. I’ve been wearing a lot of pants-blouse combo because of the amazing weather we’re having in Manila. Hihi!






So today I opt to wear this cutout dress I borrowed from my sister and paired it with this cutout shoes I got from Maine Shoes.


Chose this studded bag (my friend Becca wants to get from me! haha) from Fashion Cravings to add a bit of edginess to the whole outfit!


For the makeup, I always just go with the no makeup makeup combo but used this matte red orange lippy to match my outfit. 🙂


I’m off to work (meetings and all that shizz in a while)! Hope you’re having a good day!



I’m cringing as I was typing those words and posting those pictures above. Haha!

I seriously cannot believe I’m doing this. I mean I love fashion, and I always go out of my way to dress up and look good (at least I think I look good) but I cannot, for the life of me, consider myself doing this kind of blogging on a daily basis.

I thought at first that it was going to be easy peasy, kasi most fashion bloggers I follow just post lots of their outfit shots and just share bits and pieces about how their day went, or about the outfit itself I seriously thought, hello, ako nga I bare my whole life in the internets, how hard is it to post photos of yourself wearing your outfit of the day? But it’s not just that!

I find it so vain and stressful and people are going to judge me. Hahaha! And even if I get compliments with the clothes and shoes I wear, di ko talaga keri, might as well ask me in person na lang where I got my stuff, than post everything online.

Here are some of my reasons why I think I cannot, and will not do this anymore:

1. Hindi kinakaya ng level ng vanity ko ang mag-take ng pictures ng mga gamit, damit at mga bagay na sinusuot ko on a daily basis. I cannot imagine thinking about what clothes to wear for outfit shots and blow dry my hair and do my makeup to a perfection every day. Haha! I cannot do this because I’m not an artista or  a feeling artista hahaha! Yung mga once in a blue moon #ootd posts ko enough na yun. Hanggang dun lang ang kaya ko!

2. This is just so freaking hard! Finding the right clothes to mix and match is already hard, but if you have to take a photo of yourself and upload it online, well that’s a different story. I always thought that this is the easiest kind of blogging, but noooo! It’s so freaking hard! Salute to all fashion bloggers out there!

3. I have no one to take my outfit shots. Seriously, who would take my outfit shots? Yikes! I was only able to make this post because I used timer on my phone.

4. I have no DSLR camera. I figured if you really want to do this you should invest in good camera, at least one that has depth of field para pwede basagin yung background. So hard! I don’t even know how to use a camera. Lol

5. I have the worst background available. Boy, look at my backgound na lang! Haha! Our small cluttered room makes no room available for at least a decent background. Excuse the background, lol.

6. I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO POSE. Look how awkward I look! And I really do not feel pretty in photos, ever. Di talaga ko photogenic. Sad. If that’s not enough reason for me not to do this kind of blogging, then I don’t know what is. Haha!

And this is me saying that we should leave this to the pros even if there are upsides in fashion blogging like clothes and shoes and everything in between kind of sponsorship. Just imagine the number of clothes they get from online shops who want to advertise, right? and those events! Haha! Wouldn’t you want to go to those for free and just you know, blog about them in return? And the fame that comes along with it, if you’d like that. 😉

Here are some of the fashion bloggers I follow though:

1. Vern/Verniece Enciso (vernverniece.com) – I like the older Enciso’s style, mas wearable and classy and sophisticated. Verniece’s too girly for my taste.

2. Patricia Prieto (itspatriciaprieto.com) – edgy, wearable stuff

3. Shai Lagarde (forgot her address, GMG na lang!) – wearable and classy and I like her posts because she makes sense, seriously. 🙂

4. Kryz Uy – girly with a hint of preppy and sophistication.

I follow them because you can basically draw inspirations from their OOTDs with the minimal clothes that you have in your closet, like me! You just need to inject your own creativity and ye know, be comfortable with whatever it is that you’re going to wear. 😉

Suffice to say that my FASHION BLOGGING ATTEMPT: FAIL. Haha! Techie blog post in a bit! 😛