If we are Instagram and Facebook friends, you may already know that we celebrated the sexy girls’ birthday celebration last night at Tides Timog.


We had cake, we had booze, we sang, we gave fake names to the boys from the other table, we had banana blow jobs for the celebrants from the bar and we had candle on a cake blown. In short, we had fuuuun!

We left at around 2am. And if you know me all too well, or you are one of the loyal (wow, loyal) readers of this blog, you’d know how paranoid I get in riding cabs. Case in point is this post from last year from when this new MO from cab drivers in the metro arose.

There are lots of cabs outside Tides every night and grabbing a cab is easy. However, if you’re a crazy cab girl like me, any cab just won’t cut it. You’ll feel the need for some sort of security that you are going home safe and sound apart from the usual texting the cab’s details to your parents or friends or boyfriends. Still, you’ll never know.

Luckily, the tech gods have something for all us when they invented helpful apps such as GrabTaxi.


photo 3

This app allows users to get a cab easier. Imagine you’re in a mall and everyone is in line waiting for a cab, do you wait and waste time? Why not use your phone and your mobile data to their full potential and use this app? You’ll get home safe and you’ll stop feeling bad about cabbies who reject people who wants to go to far away places.

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This app allows users to feel secure and safe. This is the main reason why I liked and downloaded this app. Once the app sends you THE cab taking you someplace, they will also send you the cab driver’s name, phone number and plate number. O diba? if and when something bad happens, you can also call/email/tweet their customer service hotline and they will attend to you ASAP.

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The downside though is that you have to pay a booking fee of P70 on top of your taxi fare. The good news is that if you’re a Globe/TM subscriber like me, you’ll only pay P50. Here’s an even better news! No booking fee on weekends! Coolio!

But I’d pay that P50 on top of my fare any day for my peace of mind. Although, still be vigilant people! Be observant!

Another downside is that you may get into a fight with people who are not familiar with this app. Haha! Where on earth are they in this time and age? I had a friend who told me that he used this app and when the cab driver went to fetch him at the mall, people were irate because he got a cab first before them who are waiting for in like, forever. The cab won’t take anyone but you, how true love-like is that? Lol.

I heard that aside from PH, this is also available in Malaysia? Not sure though in other countries. GMG!

I am super satisfied with my first trial of this app! After keying in my location (Tides Timog) and my drop off point (Sampaloc, Manila), a list of available cabs under this app pops out. Then they were lessened and there are cabbie bidding happening and in less than a minute, a cabbie called and asked where I am.

He arrived in less than 2 minutes and I was home in 15 minutes! Less stress if you’d ask me, considering the kind of wooziness I was in with the amount of booze I took, anybody can take advantage of me. I remember Kuya Jude (my Grabtaxi cab driver) asking me if we’re turning right on Lacson Ave or turning left. I said right but my hand is gesturing left. Lol. Then he said are we using the bridge, I said no, and we’re going to turn left on the underpass, he said “Ah, U-turn po Ma’am?!” (Walang underpass! lol)

I was at lost for the right words! Hahaha! Damn Tsunami and Surfer Boy and Hurricane! Mga traidor na alak! Thankfully, he’s an awesome driver and before I knew it, I’m already at home. I tipped him for his good service (something I don’t do because I’m stingy like that heh) and got home safe!

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Other things you need to know about the app!

I don’t know if anybody had a bad experience with this, but if I do, of course they’re going to hear it from me! Lol. For now, I’m all praises for this app! And will continue to use it whenever I have to. What about you? Have you tried this one? How was your experience?


This is not a sponsored post. I wish it were, but it isn’t! Haha! I just tend to blab about things that amaze and annoy me and this is one of those that I really liked! Plus this is a part of my challenge to post something about tech stuff in the blog, so here it is! 🙂