Two weeks ago, a college friend DM’d me on Twitter telling me that her friend is looking for somebody to talk about cyber bullying in their school. She said that my name, along with other friend’s, were two of the names that came out of her mind when asked about it. My first reaction was “Okay, bakit ako?”

If you’d think about it, the only similarity that Dickson (the other friend she thought of) and I have is that we’re both kind of bullies in college. I’d like to think though that I just have a “strong personality” (I mean I’m not making this up, like 4 people told me that last week, is the reason why I don’t have a boyfriend daw, but that’s for another post though) and I tend to speak before I think and they just branded me with that. Lol. Plus I usually post musings and observations of annoying things people do in Facebook and other SNS, maybe that’s the reason why they think I’m a bully? If that’s the case, then I am.

Last night, my friend’s friend who needs the speaker contacted me on Facebook and we talked about it. I told her that I don’t think I’m the right person for the job for reasons stated above. However, she insisted that our friend wouldn’t recommend me if she thinks I couldn’t do it. I told her I’d think about it and I’d have to check and research on it and see if the little accomplishments I have under my belt would suffice for me to do it.

Earlier today, I messaged 3 friends I trust on what they think about it. The first one told me “Why you? Anong sasabihin mo? E ikaw ang mean.” Wow. What a true friend. The second friend on the other hand laughed about it (probably for the same reason, like how ironic it is that I am invited to give a talk about it lol) and later on gave comments on some things on it (ayoko i-divulge kasi mean rin siya lol). The third friend happily said “Go for it, pagong!” and told me that my media background and research skills are enough to give a talk about it.

Because they gave me different answers, I asked for the higher power, which is my former boss, hahaha, what does she thinks. Like the third friend, she said that I should go for it and told me that contrary to what I think, I have some background on the topic.

Since I still can’t decide how to go about it, I thought maybe I should make a list on why I should and should not do it. Note that I’m not doing this just to broadcast that I’m being invited to give a talk. I’m actually trying to save myself from further humiliation, since I tend to successfully do that to myself every now and then. Lol

Why I Shouldn’t Do It

  1. Can a “bully” talk about how to prevent bullying? Preach, girl *snap, snap
  2. Do I have the credentials to even talk about? I mean five things only come to mind: I have researched for a special on GMA called “Think Before You Click”, I worked for an internet marketing company for a year, I maintain a blog since 2006 and has active accounts on FB, Twitter and Instagram, and I have been an accessory to cyber bullying before (remember Red Satinas?) and my sister have been cyber bullied, just recently. I mean she may think she wasn’t because she handled it well, but she was. Maybe, she should do the talk! Lol
  3. I’m too lazy to research on it. Chosss.
  4. I don’t think I’m ready for the interpolation. Haha! I’m so insecure.
  5. How do you talk about cyber bullying to kids in varying ages in one platform? I don’t even know how to talk to my nieces, like some real advice. The other day, I was even telling Poipoi that if someone bullies her, punch him/her in the face. What an aunt, right?

Why I Should Do It

  1. It’s something new! I always wanted to do new things. Exciting!
  2. It’s flattering. It’s not every day somebody asks you to talk about something for the kids’ benefit.
  3. I finally have the chance to tell these teenagers to stop taking selfies every-freaking-hour and Jeje talk and porn and comment on the Vhong-Deniece issue like they’re experts and fan signs like they’re freaking artistas and gawing diary ang FB and instead focus more in their studies. I mean, the chance to tell them what pisses a bully off which leads to bullying them in the process would be great. Preach girl, *snap, snap

I mean, if I’m going to do the talk, after the usual what is cyber bullying, identifying the victim and perpetrator, the law surrounding it, examples of cyber bullying in the country, who do you tell when you’re being bullied and all that other stuff, I think the only thing we should tell these kids is that if they think that what they’re going to post will lead to other people bullying them, then take a step back and not post it. Cut to the chase and do just that, diba?

After all, as Mr. Griffith on Easy A said: “I don’t know what your generation’s fascination is with documenting your every thought, but I can assure you, they’re not all diamonds.” Hey! That’s another thing Dickson and I have in common, we both love Easy A!


I still haven’t decided if I should do it, so if you know me well and you think I can or cannot do it, give me a holler ASAP. I need to give feedback if I’m going to do it or not. Pakisulat sa manila paper using Sharpie ung black, Times New Roman ang font, 15 ang font size. Not exceeding 300 words, 2-3 paragraphs. Or leave a comment here, PM, text or magpadala ng kalapati sa bahay ala old times. How cool is that?


While we’re at it, this is totally unrelated but since we’re on the topic of me asking for your opinion, what do you think should I do with my hair next? Hahaha!