Disclaimer: Written with a bit of rage and crazy hormones. Pfft.

I almost never paid attention to Algebra in class. And biology, geometry, physics and other minor subjects that I really felt won’t benefit me in the future. I mean don’t get me wrong, I only paid attention to those mentioned because I know I have to, to get my college degree. But since I really don’t have any plans of becoming a mathematician or a physicist, or a doctor, I didn’t even bother. Come on, let’s keep it real. Ako talaga, sa Math? Hahahahahahahahaha

I would’ve paid attention to Chemistry though if it taught us how to have “chemistry” with your crush. Charrr! Last ko na ‘yan!

One subject that I really liked back in college though was corporate something. The course taught us all about business and technical writing, how to carry yourself during interviews, how to make the right resume and cover letter and other things that will really arm you as you start your journey in the corporate world. We even come to class in business attire. I mean, yeah, I’m saying I like it (subject) but I forgot the course’s name. Haha! I think our final exam was having a panel job interview with the subject’s prof, the college secretary and the dean. Lurks, I know.

Anyway, what prompted me to write a rant post, yet again, is when a friend from a big company texted me earlier today saying that he received an email with blank message and a subject  that only has one word sent by one of our staff. Que horror, I was humiliated.  Waking up to that text message immediately sent my left brow off my forehead.

The first thing that came to mind was: hindi na ba itinuturo ang business writing sa schools ngayon? I mean really, it’s like really basic, like knowing your name.

Why would you send people who work in the corporate arena an email that has a one word subject and a blank message in the body, who are you sending the email to, your friend? Come on, how hard is it to type in the subject head what is the letter about? How hard is it to write a gist of what the attachment contains in the body?

Come on people, if I were the one receiving that email, I would not bother opening the letter, total waste of time. If you didn’t take the time out sending a well-written letter, why would a big shot corporate someone even read it? If that were me, I would immediately think it’s one of those spams or viruses that will hack your account once you open it. And even spams and viruses have nicely written subjects and body.

Ano nangyayari? And to think I also work in a big company where people are expected to be very good in corresponding with other people, especially in our show where we deal with business and political people. Nakakaloka talaga. Seriously, ganito kalaki ang idineteriorate ng kalidad ng mga bagets ngayon? If that’s the case, I’m homeschooling my kid in the future.

If there’s one thing I hate doing: training newbies. That is why I thank my boss for making me write a veryyy long guideline on how to research for our show. If it weren’t for that, I’d be banging my head in the wall right now. Maybe it’s my fault I didn’t include the proper way of sending a letter in it? But I thought that’s basic knowledge! Like common sense? Like taking a bath or combing your hair?

Aaand I’m done ranting. This is prolly caused by my delayed menstruation. Pfft. If I was having an active sex life, I’d be nervous by now, but since I’m not, I’m blaming PMS. Lol. Sorry, TMI!

How’s your day so far? Better than mine I hope!