If you’ve been reading my posts for the past few weeks, you might remember I had this little challenge I thrust upon myself to do: try to be a different blogger and see how will that work for me.

I’ve tried fashion blogging and tech blogging, and I was really surprised that I enjoyed tech blogging more than fashion blogging. It was a little bit weird because I love dressing up (a lot!) and I really loathe technology, I mean, I really believe that Math and Technology are kind of like fuck buddies. Kidding!

Today, let’s try to be a beauty blogger! As you’ve read on the title, it’s going to be about cleaning your makeup brushes, yo!

‘Mkay, I don’t know why I put “yo” in there, maybe I’m missing Jesse Pinkman lol.

‘Tis the reason for this blog post:


Meh pimply fez for two days now. Excuse the little girl for photobombing me. lulz.


look at that pimply forehead, I can practically play connect the dots with it, don’t you think so?

I don’t know why I’ve been having tiny pimples on my forehead lately. I honestly don’t know if it’s because of hormonal imbalance or because I tried a new product on my face, but it’s really grossing me out I do not like looking at the mirror right now.

Anyway, I stopped using that product and I thought hey! maybe my brushes need cleaning too, maybe they helped in aggravating the current state of my face.

photo (1)

I’m not that big on makeup in the same manner I love clothes and shoes so these are just the 3 tools I have on my kit. I got them in different stores and lost some of their siblings. I don’t even know what they are called. Anyway, I use the long and thin one on my brows, the middle one on my cheeks and the third one on my entire face (face powder) because I think using sponges are kind of filthy. And I use creams so basically I just use my fingers in some of the products I use.

Here’s the deal: I can’t remember when’s the last time I gave them a bath and so I gave them that much needed bath, it’s so hot in here. Lol


The internetz said to use baby shampoo, but since I’ve got none of that, I used the ones I use on my hair. They’re so effective! (I should get paid for this! Lol) Why not? Brushes are like hair, too. To avoid the hair from falling apart from where they are glued, I used hair fall rescue, lol, I’m just pulling your leg. Haha! I used a bit of conditioner too just because. I don’t know why.

Anyway, rinse, lather, repeat, the way you’d do your hair. Those are the steps.

I rinsed them until the water is clean, base on my standards.


Afterwards, get a clean towel and dry them.


If you have the time, let them air dry, but I really have no patience, not one of my few virtues, so I blow dried it using this cute hair dryer I got for a little over P200. Haha! Put the dryer on its lowest power though to avoid the bristles from falling apart. After blow drying, the innermost part near the handles are still a bit wet so I’m letting it dry on my window right now. Thank heavens, it’s a little hot today, I need them dry by 8pm tonight!


And that’s it! My brushes are squeaky clean now! The internet said that you have to clean them once a week and I can’t remember the last time they were cleaned so imaging the filth, bacteria and the whatnot they have. Eew. I once saw on Tyra (I miss that show!) where they put a brush on this equipment and it showed all these living, breathing bacteria in it. Gross! I’m making it a point to clean my brushes every now and then, so do it as well!

Keep yer pretty face smooth and clean, even without makeup on! Let’s hope this will help in making my face clear up, too. I miss my old face. Heh.

How do you think I’d go as a beauty blogger? 🙂