Here is a lame excuse for a selfie: I got myself new lippies!


wearing the Divine shade

Fine. I know I said I’d try being stingy but I got so stressed with my work lately that I just couldn’t help it! So when Cat and I met up at Trinoma last week, I got myself these Covergirl lipsticks.

Originally, I’m only getting that shade above in violet, just because. Haha. Kidding! I got it because I thought I have different shades in pink, red and orangey red but nothing in a fun color. And we’re only young once so why not? Right? But this is still not the right shade that I was really looking for. I think Mac yun, so I’ll be looking for it in Thailand (baka cheaper) and if not, I’ll ask Becca, my friend, to buy me one in Korea (sure na mas mura dun!)


love their minimal packaging look!


And then my eye caught this shade, mellowed red and maroon and when I tried it on, whoa! It looked like I didn’t have any lipstick on. Coolio. So I got it too. Plus the girl said it’s their best seller. So nagpauto ako. Plus she also said it lasts up to 8 hours, let’s see.


no lipstick, no makeup, no ligo at all! Haha! 


with lipstick. In Fervor shade. Still no makeup and no ligo. Lol

I’m giving my blood red lipstick a break. My father said that whenever I’m wearing it, I look like a very masungit girl. And he said that’s one of the reasons why guys are afraid of me. Lol.

And then just last night, I told Chissa that I got new lippies to reward myself for the job well done for the shoot-sulat-edit Kenneth Cobonpue episode and she said: Bakit mo nirereward-an ang sarili mo? E eere at eere ka naman talaga?

Why??? E I wanted to! My parents raised us with the reward-system kind of way and I’m just continuing it. Haha! #defensive

Stressed ako! Reward yan, maraming nagandahan sa episode ko. Hahaha!