Ang ganda ganda ganda lang at ang lungkot lungkot lungkot ng palabas na ito. Yes, kailangan tatlong ganda at lungkot para INTENSE.

Yung kwento? Si bidang lalaki ay isang letter writer na undergoing ng divorce at si babae? Isang AI OS. Yes, operating system. Tapos nagkainlaban sila. What happens after? How will their love survive? Panoorin niyo.

Ang weird talaga. But then they say love is weird. And it makes you do crazy things. And breaks the norm. So here’s a verrry good movie that gives justice to that.

Sobrang fascinated ako sa mga istoryang sci-fi at love story kasi ang hirap niyang gawin, kaya bukod sa Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, nirerekomenda ko rin ang Her para sa mga mahihilig sa ganitong genre.

Ang ganda ganda ganda nito kasi kakaiba yung love story. Ang out of this world. Pero ang totoo rin at the same time. Or is it? Hindi ko rin alam. Ang lungkot lungkot lungkot rin niya for the same reasons.

Si Samantha ay parang si Siri na pinatalino, parang si Siri na nakangata ng libro ni Sparks sa kacheesyhan, naka-steroids, binigyan ng humor at mas naging tao.

Naisip ko talaga while watching this movie was how it is very reflective of the kind of life we’re living in. We are very technologically driven that we lose actual connection with real people; that we’d rather talk and connect virtually than do it personally. Almost everything has lost its intimacy now. Even making love, the most intimate act of all, can be done online now. I don’t know if the satisfaction is the same though. And if you’re asking, yes, they did it in the movie. How? Find out! Haha

I kept wishing during the entire movie for a Stepford wife approach wherein a microchip can be attached to a girl that will become Samantha’s body. Kaso wala. Ang lungkot lang especially in the scenes where they go out on a date, but only Theodore (the protagonist) will be there and he just carries Samantha on his pocket. Saklap.

It’s like one of those long distance relationships that never really worked. All those who think it will are so full of shit, really. How will it survive? Relationships need intimacy to survive. I for one would like to talk to that someone face to face. I need to see his reaction to my rants, opinion and even to the most futile of words that will come out of my mouth. I need someone I could hug and kiss, a shoulder to cry on, to cuddle and to slap if he cheats on me. Hahaha! Ang laki ng ingredient na nawawala e, ang bland ng relationship. So I know that love stories like these are doomed. And Theodore’s and Samantha’s are even more complicated than that. Kasi as in literal na wala kang mahahawakan. Walang warmth. But you know, for a while, they  (Theodore and Samantha) have that certain kind of warmth that I can’t pinpoint, but I know it’s there.


I love how they also address on how people would react to their kind of relationship. Of course there are bad and good ones. I love how his officemate and the guy’s girlfriend took it positively. Heck, they even went out on a double date!

Apparently, cheating is also existent in this kind of love affair. The funny thing was it wasn’t Theodore who cheated. Haha. That is one of the reasons why their love seems so normal. And relatable.

And then what happens pag nawala na ang isa sa kanila? I was thinking what if Theodore dies? Or what if Samantha’s (the OS) makers opt to take down the entire system? What will happen to their love? I know, ang masyado kong realistic na iniisip ko na agad pano sila magkakasira. Pero sabi nga nila diba, expect the worst.

Ang galing galing galing lang. I’m still at awe at how this is written. It’s like one of those “Tangina bat di ko naisip tong plot na to” moments. Sobrang galing ni Spike Jonze. Pushing the boundaries. Ang tagal ko na hindi nakapanood ng movie na sobrang ganda para sakin na nagiging cheesy ako in the process bwiset. Ang galing rin ng actors. Maiinlove rin siguro ako kay Scarlett Johansson, kahit boses lang. Alam mo yun, meron kasing mga babaeng ginagawan ng kanta ng mga lalaki. And then there are girls na ginagawan ng kanta ng kapwa nila straight girls. O straight nga ba si Katy Perry?


I love Theodore’s work. I kinda miss receiving handwritten heartfelt letters. Send me one? I’ll give you my address. Haha!


Photos not mine!