Parang concert lang yung title ko hahaha!

So last Thursday, Cat and I met up at Trinoma to buy Mitch Albom books and have them signed by the author himself. Yes, if you’ve been hiding under a rock, the guy who wrote Tuesdays with Morrie, The Five People You Meet in Heaven and his most recent one and the reason why he’s here in the country, The First Phone Call From Heaven.



quick interview before the SONA interview

The funny thing I realized when we we’re off buying books was the fact that I was such a poor girl in college that I didn’t have the money to buy books with my own money. Que horror. I just realized that I live off my love for reading by borrowing books. Grabe diba? You really get by with a little help from your friends.  I’m just glad I have this talent in choosing the right friends. Haha! Can you imagine that I was only able to read Mitch Albom books, the Harry Potter series, Paulo Coelho books, Nicholas Sparks books and even (I’m admitting this only now and I’m cringing as I’m typing it) the Twilight saga just by borrowing and waiting for my turn. How kawawa am I?

So here’s the lesson for you kiddos out there: Hindi excuse ang kawalan ng pambili ng libro para magbasa ng mga magagandang akda. It didn’t stop me from reading, right? Plus there are e-books now!

Going back…

I know that Mitch is coming in the Philippines way before pa, because my friend JB, who works for the Marketing and PR of National Bookstore was asking for my help to guest him in at least one GMA/News TV show. I tried, I really did. But they all said no because they all said Albom is not the masa type, but look at the hordes of people who lined up to see him in Glorietta last Saturday! Nemen. People waited for 10-12 hours just to get their books signed! I can’t even! I wonder how much Mitch’s hand hurt that day. I just hope for his sake he’s ambidextrous.

Good thing for us, Jessica Soho herself asked for Mitch Albom in her show, SONA (State of the Nation) so us media people, or at least those who knew he’ll be there didn’t have to line up and wait in line for twelve effin’ hours just to meet him. We only waited thirty minutes max, because he got held up in ABS-CBN. Heard lots of people wanted to have their picture taken too.

Anyway, here’s a photo of me and my sister with him! Hihi! There really are days that you’re glad you work for the media. And friends with the PR guy. Haha! Ain’t I the best sister? I should really give myself a pat on the back. Whuuuut!?


Kagulo mga tao sa dressing room. Minsan lang to!


Mitch said he was shocked to see that lots of Pinoys know him. Duh, we have a good taste naman, save for the generation Y who thinks Watty authors are legit authors and put them in a pedestal. Chos. That’s for another rant post.

And here’s me and JB, for our first professional team up. Bring in more of our favorite authors, please! Haha!


One of the two signed copy of Mitch’s book! Yay!


I don’t know how long will he be here, but I heard he’s asking other international authors to help build libraries in Tacloban. How kindhearted is he? 🙂

Were you one of those who lined up for hours to get your book signed? How was the experience?