Late post.

So I got an email two weeks ago that an article I submitted for Inquirer’s Youngblood is being considered (for publishing) and the editor is asking me to trim down my 9,000 something character article to 7,200 character article and send the edited copy ASAP.

I was really shocked when I read the email because I sent it just for kicks. It was a blog that I recently published here entitled: Sometimes Dreams Start At Staring At A Hole. People loved it (by love, I mean they sent me warm messages about it lol) and I figured hey why not send this again to Youngblood since the last time I had my work published was in ’09 pa. That and my friend Becca said she wants to get an article published as well reminded me that I should try again before I turn 29 (they only allow contributors who are 29 and below).

I just didn’t want to be a one hit wonder. Haha. Lakas maka-artista. I wanted to prove to myself that the first time was not a tsamba (out of sheer luck) at all, and that I have this ability to write enough for a huge publication to give me a space in their newspaper. And enough for trees to die because people need to read my article. Yeah, the need to see my byline is kinda like my own version of a beauty title. Lol

998152_10203222025650859_1120480432_n (1)the email

Anyway, I befriended the editorial assistant and asked her if she can maybe give me a heads up if and when the article is going to get published. Because the last time, I found out about it too late na, one month late. It was just one of those wala kong magawa why don’t I Google my name and see what pops up and saw that first article. Lurks talaga! So when I got the message while I was on vacation, I told my friends from the Philippines if they can get me a copy so I can see it firsthand and not just online, unlike the first one.

Yesterday, I met up with George to give his pasalubong from Thailand and see the paper. I actually thought I’m going to get one myself. I hate you.

1240545_10203283945958828_1776499823_nsupportive friend raw siya.

What he did though was so funny when he asked me to sign it. Hahaha. Lakas makaartista.

So this is the first official autograph I wrote and it was so stupid, really. I have the most supportive friends ever! Haha


He said I write the most stupid autograph ever. I think this is the most stupid thing I did that day. Lol. No, silliest. Haha!

Quick tip for people who want to get their articles published: write a compelling article on something that you love, believe in, hopes and dreams, experiences, work, anything! Keep it under 7,200 characters including spaces. In the subject part, write the title of your article and what section you want to submit it. Example: YOUNGBLOOD SUBMISSION: Big Holes and Bigger Dreams. Paste your article that you have proofread and read over and over for errors and such things on the message part. Send it to Now, keep your fingers crossed, including the ones in your toes, say a little prayer and hit send.

And then wait. Laba laba muna. Aral. Trabaho. And then wait some more. Good things come to those who wait. Parang true love. #rumaramonbautista

I waited for at least a month before getting a reply I totally forgot all about it. I don’t know if it’s because they publish those that are love stories first to coincide with V Day or if they were publishing the better articles first, but when I sent the edited article on March 1st, I got published on the fourth. Yata. So maybe no one’s submitting. Chos.

Have you read it already? If not go check it out for me? Someone told me though that the emotions from the blog were so much better than the one they published, so if you’re curious, here’s the link to the original post:

I totally agree. This page is my no holds barred area and no character limits so I can practically do whatever I want. Hihi. What about you? Which do you think is better?

Wow. This is a long filler for my pending travel post. Lol. The first article’s entitled Gameshow, if you’re interested what was the first one.

P.S. Somebody please give me my own copy? You know who you are! Hostage ko ang pasalubong mo. 😛