When my Tito Butchic first told us that our first tourist stop was Jungceylon mall, I immediately thought: Oh, boy, this guy knows we love malls too much we went miles away from Manila that our first stop is a mall. Seriously?!



Anyway, it was a beautiful mall, especially because their prices are waaaay cheaper than here in the country. And my mother said that they have sales like every week! Ubusan ng pera! I was not informed!



Although I just want you to know that the first official phrase I learned in their language is “not dai mai?” which means “Discount?” or something to that effect. This is aside of course to the fact that I know words like “ Sawadee krab/kah!” “P’ka” “Saminikilay!” and “Kob kun ka!” and I only know these things because I have overwatched Crazy Little Thing Called Love. I don’t even know what they mean! Sue me for being such a bad tourist for not knowing their local language. I seriously thought they know lotsa English. :/





IMG_5402 IMG_5404

Afterwards, we went out to try some of their street foods. I remember telling my tito about the blah food that they served us during our bus ride, but Thailand redeemed itself when I got a taste of bami. My mouth is watering right now. L Bami is kinda like their version of “maming tayo,” or at least that’s how our camera crew call them here. Haha! Basta yung mami na street food na kasabay na binebenta ng pares. Anyway, it was just a better version of mami because it has lots of ingredients and flavoring. Yum!


Then we passed by this pancake stall and oooh! Nutella banana pancakes! Who wouldn’t want to have a taste of that when Nutella is all the rage in here. I loved it so much I immediately thought of having a stall that sells it here. Whatchatink? They sell it for 80 baht (tourist price lol) and 50 baht for locals. I know, the works right! Haha!









Afterwards, we made our way to Patong Beach. This is the closest beach to my uncle’s house. It has white, creamy sand, but if you’ve been to Boracay, that is more beautiful! Boracay is breathtaking, go visit the place!




We took a dip then crossed the street toward Holiday Inn. Here’s the thing: Holiday Inn staff are clueless as to who their guests are and who are not so we did something that you should not do: took a dip in the pool even if we’re not checked in their hotel. Hahaha! I know, pasaway!

How did we know that? My tito worked at Holiday Inn before. Haha.




Then we went back to Jungceylon mall to have Swensen’s. It’s my first time to try this ice cream, I only eat 3-in-1 plus one and sorbets kasi, chos, and it’s similar to other ice creams, except that it’s creamier, or maybe that’s just because it’s Swensen’s right? I wonder if my taste buds will have the same experience if I didn’t know the brand. Hmmmm.

Sorry for Party Rocking

After that tiring day, we went back home to wash ourselves and immediately went to Bangla Road. Bangla Road is Phuket’s red light district. Think Malate, or Taguig. Wait, Taguig nab a ang may strip of disco pubs and party peeps in the country now? Help me out. I ceased being a party girl from waaaay back when pa. Haha!

Anyway, our first stop was Rock City. It’s a club that only plays rock songs, duh. Haha. My tito plays in Rock City every night, except Wednesday nights, so if you’re there and you love Metallica, U2, Nirvana, Greenday and F4, visit this place! Kidding on the F4 though! Haha




We also met up with my cousin who went to Thailand to work as well and found a new love: Kurt Cobain look alike Ronny. Haha! Seriously, he’s like old Kurt Cobain!


If you know me at all, you know I rarely drink, I actually have a friend who constantly asks me out on a drink and I constantly turn him down. I know, I’m such a bad friend. Haha. Anyway, we had Sang Som, it’s a local whiskey, tastes like Tanduay, but with no hangovers! How cool is that? Perfect combo with cola!





After my uncle’s set, we went to where his friends sing: Monsoon. Unlike Rock City, Monsoon plays RnB songs that will definitely make you dance, even if you say you can’t. It totally felt like I was 18 again going to bars in Manila every weekend to rock the night away! Haha! Fun times. The singers here are Pinoys, too! Yeah, Pinoys rock Bangla Road!




Then we strolled around Bangla Road because it’s like a big party thrown by some famous people every freakin’ night! I wish we would’ve gone in April because my tito said that it’s like San Juan in there, basaan festival!



Then we went home because it was another big day for us the next day. Ooh, temples!