On our fourth day, I realized that Thailand is still not finished with showing me the many things to love about the country. As I am typing this, I am wishing I have the power to teleport so I can go back to Maya Bay this instant.



The day before, we booked a trip to PhiPhi Islands. For locals, think El Nido, Palawan (though I have not gone there, soon, I hope!) The best thing about Thailand is that you get what you paid for. Remember my Day 1 post where we paid 680 baht for bus ride and it turned out it has lots of inclusion? Well, PhiPhi Island tour is kinda like the same thing. For 1,250 baht, we were fetched from the house to the speed boat, boat ride, drinks and snacks on board, lunch and they will also take us back home after the trip. The only thing you’re going to pay extra are fins (for snorkeling) don’t rent one, you will not need it. I repeat: WHATEVER THE LOCALS SAY, DO NOT RENT ONE, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO NEED IT. Although you need to deposit 500 baht for the snorkel gear stuff, but if you don’t lose it, you’re getting your money back.





So we were able to go to Maya Bay, the set location for Leonardo Di Caprio’s movie, The Beach, fed some monkeys (technically, we didn’t because it’s high tide so bawal bumaba ng boat), saw where some locals who are birds’ nest harvesters, a cave (we weren’t able to go underneath it because high tide nga!, snorkel (mas maganda yung location ng snorkeling naming sa Boracay) where Cat hit her head, such a klutz, lol and then went to Khai Nai Island where we had lunch and fed fishes, again! SO fuuuun! Highlight of that trip!





IMG_1557 IMG_1545

A cool story! So we we’re having lunch and we were sharing the table with four Aussie boys, who are hot men by Dickson’s (my gay friend) standards btw, and my Tito asked them how much did they pay for the trip. One of the members of 1D (lol, for the sake of this blog, let’s call them 1D, mkay?) let’s call him Harry, said 3,200 baht! My eyes got big as the big bad wolf’s (or kay ________ Chissa and Julianne, if you’re reading, you know who this person is, haha!) grabe! They got scammed! Big time! Please back read a little to how much we paid for the trip each. Lurks diba?

Afterwards, the boys got so pissed, then we were laughing and telling my uncle that he ruined 1D’s trip! Kawawang mga bata. Sometimes, you’d really be thankful you look so Asian you can totally blend in! I was so close to acting mute just so they’d think I’m Thai, too! Haha!

We were always mistaken as Thais, maybe because we look like Baifern, whuuuuuut, that they always speak in their local dialect and we always end up saying: Sorry, we don’t understand and then they’d say: Aah, Filipino? One girl event old Cat: Ah. I’m sorry. You’re face looks like Thailand. In short, mukha siyang mapa ng Thailand. Bahahahaha!


Cat is so unlucky that day that aside from hitting her head in the boat when she snorkeled, she also lost her slippers. Poor girl went home barefooted. Harsh tag: Araw ng Nazareno.