On our last day, I told my tito that I am not going home if I won’t be able to see an elephant in the flesh. Come on, who would go to Thailand and not see the temples, PhiPhi, Bangla and the elephants! They’re pre-requisite! You need them to graduate, err, to say that hey! I’ve been to Thailand!


So off we went to meet Yaya. She’s a one year old baby elephant that eats a lot of bananas and kisses like a rapist. Don’t believe me? Look at this. And check out my Instagram video on this! Lol


Then we had a little money problem. Since I am your stingy girl, I didn’t bring a lot of money with me. I didn’t know I’d be buying a lot (not that really good with budgeting) and since my stupid bank is not an international bank, I’m so poor. We tried transferring some money to Cat’s account, but her account, although international, is not activated. Haha. We’re so screwed. Finally, we just told our tito that we will pay him back here in Manila na lang and give the money to his family. Ugh, so poor. Can’t remember the last time I felt penniless. Ay no, college thesis days when we live all thanks to Skyflakes and cup noodles! Haha. I swore the next time I’m going out of the country, I’m having a bank account that can withdraw money internationally. Que horror! Imagine if we’re not with our tito? Waley na. Lost ang fez naming dalawa.

Now that’s settled, we decided to hit the night market where Cat got her boots for 150 baht. I know! So cheap! The next time, I’m bringing no clothes and lots of money!



We we’re so tired that when my tito brought us to this eat all you can shabu shabu place, I was so happppyyyyyyy! We cooked sinigang and I ate lots of bacon, shrimp, veggies and hwta have you. Kinain ko lahat ng pwedeng lutuin. I hope we have that kind of thing here. Dito kasi shabu shabu translates to Japanese/Chinese food while they have a variety of sea food, pork, fruits and everything there. Huhu. I hate Japanese food.

Then we went back home and my tito got me yummy blueberry ice cream filled Oreos that I was not willing to share. Haha! Binilhan niya pa rin ako matapos niyang sabihing wag na kami babalik dahil sira ang budget at diet niya sa amin. Sinungaling siya kasi lumamon pa rin sila ni mama after naming umalis. Haha! Nahiya naman kami sa dami ng comma ng sweldo mo, pwede namang bawasan paminsan haha!



Anyway, forever grateful!

Thank you, Tito!

All the fun things that we have experienced in our 6 day stay in Thailand would have not been possible without my very accommodating Tito Butchic! I swear, sobrang kulang na lang libre lahat! Haha! Not to mention the places we’ve been to, and his Thai speaking skills that we were able to get good discounts in trips and pasalubongs! Hahaha!

So if you’re planning to go to Phuket and experience everything I have (the next time I’m coming back, I’m going to see the James Bond island!) let me know! I’d hook you up with my Tito at a very friendly price. Di ka na lugi I swear! Malaki matitipid mo! Hahaha!

Or you know, you could just go visit Rock City in Bangla and watch him rock out!