So I was looking at the photos we took when we stayed in Thailand that I was supposed to upload on Facebook (but didn’t because of that horrendous update they did, WTH is that size? Arial 100?) and I remember these photos.

Promise, this is the last Thailand tourist post that you are going to see, but I just have to share these observations to you! This is the last post, I promise. I’m writing about other things after this one. 😉


Their cars are right hand drive. So, good luck to you Pinoy drivers!


Vandalism is everywhere! I wish I knew what these meant though.


If you can’t drive their car because you’re used to left hand drive, this is one of the ways to go around town. Sadly, I don’t know how to ride a motorcycle, or even to ride a bike. Haha!


I guess they’re not too good with English. Heh.


Horniness? So this will make me horny? Guess we don’t need that Viagra now. 😉



They pair their mangoes with chili powder x sugar or sugar x salt. Someone teach them these mangoes are best paired with bagoong!


I know! Have you been to Baguio? They have this kind of toilet bowl in Mines View Park! Hahaha!


Their brilliant way of carrying your drink! Wish someone can bring this idea here!



Their samalamig! Only genius! Lookie here, they don’t put their ice in the juice to keep it ice cold, they put it in a plastic bag before putting it inside! Matabang no more!



Now I’m really done with this whole Thailand blog! 😉