So yesterday while I was out editing (well, umupo sa editing) with I was already feeling this pain in my stomach I thought I was having that time of the month again, or I just had a really bad porkchop at Tea and Co. (the pork was medium rare) and I’m having an upset stomach.

So I went out and I was suddenly feeling ill and I was vomiting I asked our edit supervisor if I can come home despite the fact that my episode is airing in seven hours and I still don’t have file videos of Chavit Singson. Hrrr.

On the way home, I started puking my guts out that I’m just so happy that the cab driver was a really nice fatherly figure guy and he didn’t budge even if it smelled porkchop in there.

So I got home safe and my bed felt heaven until I needed to puke again. And again. And again. It was like The Exorcist Carmina Mones version.

Then I realized I just had my period two weeks ago, this can’t be a mean case of dysmenorrhea, right? Unless my hormones are playing games with me, then I don’t know what it is.

It was around 6pm when I called my father and asked him to please bring me to the nearest hospital. So he gave me a piggy back ride, the neighbors were looking at us and I think they thought it was something really serious. Haha! Like I’m going to die or something.

The pain got worse as we were nearing the hospital. It was the kind of pain you’d like to ask someone to just please kill yoi, kill you now!

It didn’t help that the doctor at Mary Chiles wasn’t friendly at all. I mean come on, a girl’s on pain, can’t I at least have a McSteamy for a doctor? Please?

Anyway, I had tests and they found out it’s gastritis, yet again, and they had to inject meds through my veins for faster effect. And I’m like, wth, masakit na tiyan ko, pasasakitin pa wrist ko.

I was at the ER for 5 hours I think, and I was at least asleep for four hours. I had to, that was the only time I didn’t feel the pain.

My father was waiting for me outside. Glad he was there and you know, it wasn’t my mom, for a change. Lol. The last time I was at ER, I was with my mother and she didn’t give me a piggyback and my father paid for the bills, well some of it. Haha. Hashtag papa’s girl talaga ko.

Well why am I recounting these painful memories? Oh, nothing. Just to remind myself that this illness is suh a bitch. Did you know that my doctor gave me a list of food that I cannot eat? And did you know tha more than half of it I consumed in a week’s time?

Coffee, spicy food, jalapeno, salami, bacon, sausage, food with tomato sauce, tea. And chocolates! I just had those this week. Ayos.

What would I do?

Why is my body punishing me for having good taste in food?

Oh what a bland life I’m going to have. Hmmmm. I

There’s still a bit of pain in my stomach, but it’s bearable mow. There’s just a little pain when I walk. I hope that’ll be gone tomorrow.

Kpayn. Must sleep now. Wish me to get well soonest?