Palms are cold and sweaty
Hearts are racing
How do you do it?
Turn your head to the right? To the left?
How do you move your lips?
Where do you put your hands?
What do you think about?
Close your eyes, it’s awkward when they’re open.
Take a peek?
Savor the moment.
Open your eyes.
Do it again.
And again.

How my first kiss went…



…with an elephant!

at least not a frog!


Seriously though, here’s a viral video you all have probably seen. Can’t help but share it here because I can’t keep myself from smiling like a total idiot while watching this. Every time.


Click the link below:

First Kiss

Now didn’t that make you smile?

Here’s the catch! Y’all know I’m not the cheesy type, at least not on this blog, so here’s me bursting your bubble: it’s a campaign for a clothing line. WTH! I know. It made me sad, too.

But wasn’t that video awkward and awesome at the same time?