Let’s pretend I’m not blogging about my personal life enough that I thought of posting ten random things about me so you could get to know me better. *wink wink

1. A guy friend once asked me “Anong diskarte mo?” pertaining to what I do to you know, magpacute sa boys. Some of the usual girl diskarte include biting their lips or the maarteng pagkipkip ng buhok sa tenga habang nakayuko. So after answering him with my “Wala, ganda lang”
and a smile I told him that I wait for a gentle breeze or wind to dishevel my hair. Then I use my fingers to brush it off my face nonchalantly. HAHAHA! Arte. I don’t know but it kinda works. #pacute Why my hair? It’s one of my assets and you really need to play it up to your advantage. Or so I heard. Don’t listen to me though because I’ve been single for a very long time! Hahaha!

2. I find people who name their gadgets creepy. Why on earth would you do that? Will it respond to you when you call it say “Jessica, come here!” for instance?

3. I love anything mango-flavored! Manga with bagoong, check! Mango shake, check! Mango cake, check! Mango-faced guy, ugh, uncheck. Charrr! I can live without it, but I don’t want to. I even Googled earlier if it’s okay with people who have gastritis, and it is, so yay me!

4. Beaches are the bomb! Invite me to one and I will totally go with you!

5. I hate people who tell you they are missing you and yet they don’t do anything about it. Like actually see you. A text is such a BS. If you miss me, prove it. Go text me with: “Andito ko sa labas ng bahay niyo. Labas ka.” I might reply with: “Ay, nasa shoot ako e. But aaaaaaw.” but still diba. Hahaha!

6. If I’m not daydreaming over Adam Levine, Benedict Cumberbatch or Joshua Jackson’s character Pacey Witter, I am crushing over smart, witty guys or cute guys who rock their plain white tees. Guys with brains are <3.

7. It’s totally okay if you tell it to my face that I’m a bitch. I can’t remember how many times I’ve been told I’m too intimidating or nakakatakot or nananakot by my parents, friends and some acquaintances that my friend’s boyfriend even told me and I quote: Hindi ako magrereto ng kaibigan ko kay Mina, papaiyakin lang niya. Lurks. They tell me my strong personality is the reason why I’m still single. No. Boys can be a wuss. I’m such a cute little kitten masquerading as a tiger. Rawr! 😉

8. I’m obsessed with zombie flicks. I like it so much my brother once asked me: “Maganda ba? Teka, bat ba kita tinatanong e zombie to syempre maganda para sa’yo.” And to say that I’m in love with The Walking Dead is an understatement. I’m so freaking excited for the finale!

9. I hate pets. But I love little pups sometimes I want to keep them. Then I remember, they pee, and poop and I don’t want to clean up after them.

10. I love surprises! True, it is hard to make me laugh at stupid jokes but I’m very shallow when it comes to surprises. Don’t they make you feel special and loved?

And there goes another narcissistic filler post. Hah! How many of those you already know? 😉