If you backread some few articles, you’d know that I’m suffering from gastritis, I call it a bitch of an illness because it is waaay painful than dyamenorrhea and takes away most of the food that I love. It’s my own personal third party that takes my love away from me.

And I’m so hungry. I’m just going to blab about the many kinds of food that I’m missing right now and I’m totally giving you an out right here, right now.

Still there? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I miss eating spicy stuff. Last night, my friends and I ate at Chowking and I had my usual wanton mami, minus the chili sauce I always add to spice it up. The food was okay. But I want the damn oomph!

I also miss having coffee in the morning. I have not had one in eight days. So here’s a little secret: I drank half a cup of chocolate coffee today. And ooh, chocolate’s not allowed for me either. And if you know me that well, you know I survive on chocolates. What a bland sad life I’m leading.

Another one on the list are fruits. Citrus ones, to be exact. Oranges, lemon, lime. And I’m like, haha, the doctor is killing me softly. I LOVE FRUITS! What the hell, right?

So two days ago, I had a regular sized four seasons shake from Zagu and I felt bloated afterwards. Bloated and constipated. Haha. Sucks. Anyway, i might have one again later because the heat is just sick. Hello, climate change.

One of the good things though is that mangoes is okay. Or that’s what the internet says. I don’t know. Most days, this is my routine: can I eat chocolate mint from Highlands? Me: googles “chocolate mint gastritis” waits for results then BAM! Reads results saying mints and chocolates are blah blah so basically BAWAL.

Bakit masarap ang bawal?

I still don’t know the answer til now. Maybe because they tell us to avoid the things that we are so used to in the first place.

Longganisa, salami, spam, BACON, ICE CREAM, SODA, SPAGHETTI are also some of the items on the list to avoid. Huhubels.

Wake me up when my stomach’s lining is not so inflamed?


Googles “wolf gastritis”

Results: wolves should be avoided by people who are suffering from gastritis. Meh.