Kpayn. I know this is a verrry late post, but I saw all these photos on my phone that I can’t help not to blog about it. Whoever coined the words “better late than never” is a genius!

Please don’t confuse this with our airing schedule, I just have a lot of personal backlogs I’m trying to make up for. This episode aired in February pa! Lol

Here’s a side story you need to know about the interview with Kenneth. We have been trying to book him for ever since I can remember, I think I was still this newbie researcher in Powerhouse two years ago and our host was still Tita Mel. I totally gave up on this idea but after two years, he finally said “Yes!” How very “Olivia please say “Yes”” is this, please tell me now? Hahaha

So even if I pulled a “shoot-write-edit” of this episode in a total of five days, this episode is like two years in the making! Haha!

Touchdown Cebu!



I want some danggiiiit!

magellan's cross

My Cebu shoot was a lot of firsts for me. It was my first time in Cebu, first time meeting Kenneth Cobonpue (our guest), first time to shoot out of town (via plane) and first time to shoot with only few people, including our host!


We arrived at Mactan International Airport at around 4am and the ever reliable Kuya Wenggie (he’s been the go to driver whenever GMA goes to Cebu for 10 years, I think, so baby pa ko nun! Haha!) fetched us and we went directly to the hotel to take a nap before the roll on 10am.

We’re up and about by 7am and we had another quick breakfast and a fast trip to GMA Cebu to get some lights.


GMA Cebu!

Then we went straight to Kenneth Cobonpue’s house.


If this is not beautiful then I don’t know what is.


The stairs was our favorite part of the house!


He calls this the little people. 🙂

It was the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen! Mean, this is saying a lot because I’ve seen a lot of houses already, what with my 2 year stay at Powerhouse (my mother show). I really, really wish I live here! It was airy, minimalist, has this breathtaking view of Cebu and looks like it has been torn off a page of celebrity living with all his furniture.


The cutiepatootie schnauzer who enjoys this view everyday. 🙂

They don’t need AC because the house is located on a hill so the air just pass through and they made the architecture that way, I don’t know, maybe to save up on electric bills or be environment-friendly or for the aesthetics. Any way, it works!


KC (that’s how people calls him there) is one of the guests I’ve had on the show I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. With the things he’s done who wouldn’t be WOWed with it, right?

Below are some behind the scene photos. 🙂


during the house tour


with our host Ms. Kara David and our crew, Kuya Billy and Kuyang. 🙂


le artist at work

After the interview and tour, we went straight to his factory: WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS. Did you know that all the pieces of furniture are made there? He wants it to be all Filipino-made that everything must be made here. And you need to wait for at least a month to three before you can get them because most, if not all of them are handmade.

Then we went to another guest’s house for the interview, former governor of Cebu, Gwendolyn Garcia. It’s airing soon so watch out for it! 🙂

So after that hectic schedule of interviews and tours, we finally got to chill a bit at night and we had lechon! Rico’s was yummmmy, pucha, nakakagutom talaga. I never liked lechon, until I had Rico’s! So if ever you get to go to Cebu,  go on an empty stomach, Cebu will make you full! 😉


The second day was all about taking detalye shots and establishing shots and all the needed shots for the episode. We went back to KC’s house and went to his ancestral house.

Forgot to take a shot of their old house, but if  you watched the episode, you knew what it looked like!


This was part of his charity: they converted their ancestral house into an office slash factory where out of school youth can train for livelihood projects. This is one of those things they do for a project I forgot what was it. haha!

Then Kuya Wenggie went tourist guide on us and took us here:


AA BBQ! Where all the good stuff are served.


My meal, haha! Halfway through na tong pic na to, kalat kalat na, lol.

Then I had the chance to visit Magellan’s Cross and even had a sinulog done for me at Php50!



Magellan’s Cross is still a work in progress after that shattering earthquake that happened last year.


And then I was able to squeeze in some five minutes of my time for this girl right here. As in literal na five minutes!  Rachel is my friend back in high school who is now residing in Cebu, ugh, I’m so jealous and I’m itching to come back because I can’t wait to be wowed with it again! I might use my free Air Asia ticket to meet her! And see Cebu not for work but for pleasure na talaga! Waaaaah! Or maybe come back to Thailand? Or Hong Kong? Aaaah. So many places to see, too little money!


Bye Cebu!


Touchdown Manila! That was a fast flight! Fifteen minutes early, boo yeah!


And went home to my little niece who wants this Valentine’s gift the crew gave me.

Fuuun two days indeed-y!