Note: Is “kablaaw” the right term for “hello” in Ilocano? I just Googled it so correct me if I’m wrong.

I love long drives. There’s something about seeing people and places get left behind as the vehicle passes by while you are staying in a stationary position that amuses me. It’s like you’re the man who can’t be moved. It’s like you’re standing still and moving forward at the same time. Lol. This is the reason why I love window seats. I like looking at people waiting for the bus, those big billboards plastered all over the metro telling us to “buy me, buy me,” other cars, the trees and even raindrops on windows. I like how you are somehow trapped in your seat and you have nothing to do but sleep or rethink your life plans, or short term plans.

I love how kilig I get whenever I’m stuck in traffic with a crush. Sure, it’s not the kind of long drive that I like, but still, who doesn’t want that? If you’re lucky and he sits beside you, he may even put his head on your shoulder when he falls asleep; or how the simple brushing of your arms causes sparks to fly!

I like the chips and coke that you munch on during the drive. I like the stop overs and restroom breaks. I like the fun playlist, preferably an Eraserheads marathon, or LiteRock or RX on the radio, and I love how giddy I get when I hear my jam on the radio.

I even like the back ache and the neck pain that come along with long drives, because I love the relief the soft bed brings when I finally get to lay my back straight.

Does this make me weird? Haha.

Anyway, blabbing about my love for long drives because we went on a 12 hour drive to Vigan some few weeks ago for a shoot. Sharing with you photos from that trip!


I took the jet going there. Charr. Our host and some of the staff did.


While waiting for the bus private plane to arrive with the advance team. The two men sandwiching me are award-winning cameramen pala. I didn’t know and I’ve been with them for two years na!




Some snaps I took during the shoot.

We first did the house tour in Forbidden Tower. Former governor Chavit Singson showed us the mother of pearl covered pillars on the third floor, the roof deck, which is his favorite part, by the way and the master’s bedroom that occupied the entire floor. Lurks. The room is fully automated and he can control it via wifi even if he’s abroad! How cool is that? He even jokes that he sometimes mess with his helpers and open the lights or flush the toilet just to scare the crap out of them. Hahaha!

The interview was super fun! In all fairness, the governor answers all the questions thrown at him by our host, Kara David. Even the most daring questions like “May napatay na po ba kayo?” “Saan nanggagaling ang yaman ninyo?” and “Gaano kahirap “i-betray” si Erap?” questions were all answered. The only question he wouldn’t dare answer was the question about girls! Hahahaha!

He keeps on saying “Cut muna.” “Ha?” “Di kita naririnig?” to Ms. Kara that the whole staff could not help but laugh so hard at him.

animal encounters

There were interactions with the animals during our shoot, too!


And then this happened! Hahahah! Afraid-y aguilar si Jen sa iguana! Lol


The ex-governor’s cat.


Of course you need a photo with the striped cat! Rawr!

calesa ride

I was able to get a ride on this cuuuute mini horse they have at Baluarte!IMG_2637


And this is where we stayed. It’s an old house converted into a hotel (most hotels here are like that) to give you that old, antique-y, 1800s feel Vigan has. We had a super big bed.


We strolled in the evening and a turista shot is a must!

They have dancing fountain at night! So cool, Vigan, so cool. 😉


We played some billiards too and a game is worth P7.00! I know, crazy! Mahal pa ang pamasahe!

I suck at this game considering I researched for the episodes of billiard masters Efren “Bata” Reyes, Django Bustamante, Dennis Orcollo and Roberto Gomez. And then I also produced Putch Puyat’s episode. That is just so sad, right? Not to mention my college friends taught me this game from way before pa. I really suck at this game. 😦




My excuse for an #ootd is the beautiful background! lol


We had authentic Vigan empanada! But Empanada Nation’s better!


The crew, me and Jen with Manong Chavit. Baluarte was amazing! Thank you Manong Chavit! It was a super fun shoot! #perksofworkinginthemedia

Anyway, Vigan was super fun. I had more fun here than I did in Cebu. It felt like we were rushing in Cebu because we had a plane to catch and two episodes to shoot, but in Vigan, I was able to take it all in. Hmmm. If you’re asking what was Gov. was like I thought he was like any of our regular guests in the show. Kind and accommodating, tell him what are the shots that you need and if he can do it, he will. I actually thought that he was an unpleasant person because of all the controversies he’s gotten himself into, plus the fact that I live in an Erap clan, lol, but he’s kinda cool. And that’s one of the things that I love about my job, it lets me see the people behind all the flashes and lights of camera, raw and real. 😉


Doesn’t this post appear like I went in a vacation instead of a shoot? Hahaha! It was tiring but I chose to see the good side in everything, and so should you people. 🙂