Hello, Monday! I’m making you less hateful by posting my man crushes every Monday to put a smile on other girls’ and guys’ faces who share similar krung krung love to them. 🙂

Criteria for judging LOL

They will render you speechless.

They will get your heart to palpitate and try to claw away from its place.

They will make you forget what you were supposed to do leaving you in a trance. #zombiemodeon

Your knees will go weak, prepare some balut.

Your ovaries will… I can’t find the words as to what your ovaries will do to you.

You will develop stalker tendencies and basically Google everything about him and you don’t sleep in the process, or just little of it.

They will leave you breathless and then… you DIE… a happy orgasmic death!

First post is a dead giveaway if you know me so well. Haha!



Benedict my love is an English TV, movie and theater actor. He is best known for playing Sherlock Holmes in BBC’s Sherlock and has played various roles perfectly, because he’s perfect like that. He has captured the panties of ladies all over the world and these women’s spouses want them back. Seriously, I don’t know why I’m still making an introduction, you should know who Benedict is, if not, do yourself a favor and kill yourself. Chareeng!
Reasons for Going Gaga Over Benedict:

  1. He’s smart. And it is so freakin’ sexy. He’s witty too. As what Irene Adler said, “Brainy is the new sexy.” And if “The Woman” wasn’t able to resist him, how can we do that, when we’re mere mortals?
  2. i_am_sherlocked_by_roberthuffx7-d6lxilbWho can photobomb U2 but the #Cumberbomb?
  3. article-2579669-1BFAA19D00000578-577_634x754He’s adorable!
  4. tumblr_mx9142O0Kv1qdghnpo1_500He is the most amazing man in a suit. Ugh, those cheekbones. Yes, better than Harvey Specter. But then again, how about, not in a suit?
  5. images (1)Those eyes. They stole your soul, do not look at them ’cause you will never get them back. P.S. Those eyes have different tints in them. Look!
  6. downloadYou can’t help but smile looking at his photos. Here’s a ridiiiculous photo of me while reading a Buzzfeed article about him. Teehee!
  7. photo (1)His fans have the cutest name: #Cumberbitches. Although he said they’re making it more “GP” and are trying to change it to #Cumbercollectives. HELL NO! #Cumberbabes perhaps?
  8. tumblr_mh75ugKfm81s4n7dzo1_500He causes the internet to explode. Thus this has been added in Tumblr’s Community Guidelines. WTF, I know.


And just like Pacey Witter (another reason why I’m considering having chastity belt on) said: “We could live for a thousand years, and we would never finish this.” So leaving you with just eight reasons because if not, I won’t be able to stop this post! Comment your own reasons if you’re obsessed like me! Haha!

Below’s the perfect Cumbergraph!



Here’s a bonus! Another cumberbitch tagged me in this Youtube post and my eyes swell. And then I died. I was fanning myself profusely because he is just so hot. Huhu.

Hope this makes your Monday bright and your week right!

P.S. Please forgive my obsession. Hihihi! 🙂

P.P.S. All photos not mine. I wish I took them, but nooo! Credits to all the wonderful people who made them available to the internets! Especially for that steamy video, it only made Manila hotter by bajillion degrees!