How very Two Broke Girls’ “Max’s Homemade Cupcakes” naman title ko. Lels.

Three or two months ago, I was texting with one of my friends Lawrence when out of nowhere he told me he’s going to bake and asks how many boxes of his product am I ordering. Of course I dismissed the idea as a joke, because that’s how our relationship is,half jokes over half jokes and more half jokes, lol. But when he posted on Facebook he’s ACTUALLY baking, I felt bad for myself for not knowing how to bake past cake mixes. Chos.



grabbed from Law’s FB page

But this is not a story of my jealousy over his apparent baking skills than my obvious lack of one. So let’s go back.  🙂

If you know Law, he’s very much on the kuripot side of the fence so when I told him that I’m not buying unless I get a free taste of the product, he gave me a resounding NO over and over and over. Or “lakas makamahirap” ko daw. That was our banter every time he thinks of baking and selling me his cupcakes. Then he thought of an idea for me to get my “free taste,” an ex deal. He wanted those spicy noodles from Thailand I came home with and in return he’d give me cupcakes. So we did.

And even if I told him before that my ex deal proposal is a free review (even if I’m no food connoisseur) lol, he still doesn’t want it. But because I’m such a goooood friend, I’m keeping my promise of a review.


sweeties in a box!

He gave me three different flavors to try. But I’m a very bad blogger so this is more than a month late review of the product. Lol.


Since I love cheesecake and Oreos, the first thing I ate was his Oreo cheesecake cookie, even if he said it’s his first time to try it and he’s not confident about it. I find it a little chewy compared to other Oreo cheesecakes I had. It has a salty-sweet flavor that I like, too.

Then I tried this. I forgot the name I’m so sorry, but what I like most about it is its Oreo surprise at the bottom! I love surprises! And Oreo surprises on the bottom of my cupcake are one of them!

image_5 image_6

I wasn’t able to try the banana-flavored ones because my father asked for one and when I came back from Vigan, the other one has been eaten. But I remember asking my father how it tasted and he said it’s sweet. Okay daw. He loves sweets.

Overall, my taste buds liked them. They are not as sweet as lemon square cheesecake or Fudgee bar so I’m totally okay with it. I wish they have frosting so they’d look more special and experiment on more flavors, daming request ah, but at the price Law is selling them, I’m giving it thumbs up. I mean you can get six of them for the price of one Oreo cheesecake sold at Vanilla Cupcake bakery, so that’s a steal, right?

Plus, it’s free delivery! And since I know lots of girls, and gays, apparently are crushing on him, this is your chance to meet up with him! Okay fine, dalawa na binebenta ko dito. Haha! Thank you Law for these! Yung red velvet naman sunod!



Lawrence, le baker

He usually bakes on a Saturday and delivers on Sunday so hit him up on Facebook (Lawrence Estrada), Twitter or Instagram (@spiderlaw) if you’d like to order. I’d post his number pero ang dami niya ng dino-dodge so wag na lang. Teehee.

Oh boy, don’t I wish this is a sponsored post. Haha!