Sharing with you three things I would never dare run out of my “kaartehan” toiletries, unless the zombie apocalypse has come and they cease to be produced by their companies. They are as follows: Nivea Crème, Kojie san (kojic acid) soap, A Bonnè C Salt body scrub.


Nivea Crème. I can’t remember when I discovered the power of Nivea crème, but I’m glad I did. I never parted ways with it ever since, I can’t remember how many tin cans I’ve used up. It’s a moisturizing cream perfect for girls with dry skin. I don’t have dry skin (I have normal but sensitive skin type) but I like it a lot because when you slather it on your face at night, you wake up with a very, very, very soft face. I guarantee you that. It takes a little bit of getting used to though because it can be very sticky and hot on the face if you put a lot, (not all girls like that) so I suggest not to use it during summertime. But I just can’t resist it because I still can’t find the perfect summer moisturizer. Any suggestions?

I also use a little bit of it before putting make up on. Since it’s a little sticky, my cream-based and powder-based makeup stays longer than without it. In fact, I only put on face powder once every day because of it. Boo yeah!

It’s cheap too! The small tin can is at Php70, I think and the medium-sized I have now is at Php120. Such a steal to achieve that baby soft face. If you have an oily skin, tried it and didn’t like it, can you give it to me? Hahaha!

But I stand by Nivea’s moisturizing powers, so amazing! It’s so amazing that when I tried this “miracle cream” that is Kiss Collagen, the effects are not as much as what other users claim, and I believe it’s because my skin is soft already because of years of using this. And Kiss is priced at Php1,500. I know. #medyowasteofmoney But another beauty blog post will be dedicated to that.

Kojie san (kojic acid) soap. The good thing about having an equally maarte sister is that you get to share new discoveries to each other. I introduced Nivea crème to her and in return, she introduced the beauty that is Kojie san to me. Pinays are so obsessed with having Snow White skin and with the plethora of whitening products out there, how would you know what will work best for you?

If you know Cat from high school, you’d know she has not so fair skin compared to her current skin’s fairness. Anyway, she discovered the power of kojic acid in college. It worked on her to achieving her old fair skin so I decided to try it myself. And whaddaya know, I got my old skin color back, too! You can actually see the micro peeling taking effect. Not the nagbabalat from the sun burned kind, parang naglilibag lang, hahaha! I’m totally serious though! Haha!

beach trips

summer trips: 2012, 2013 and 2014. Fudge, I want my 2013 color back. Huhu. #nofilteryabangmoCarmina

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not another one of those girls obsessed with having fair skin, but if you could only see that my shoulders, legs and upper chest area has darker shade than that of my little boobies and stomach back then (basically the ones that do not see the light of day), que horror ang two-tone shade ko! My “hubadera” kind of clothing (mini skirt, spaghetti straps, shorts, dresses and sleeveless tops are my usual getup, don’t blame me, blame the temperature!) is the culprit. So my ultimate goal is to have one skin color all over and Kojie san helped me achieve that. I mean who would want to wear a two piece bikini and people will see that your stomach and arms have different shades? You can’t Photoshop or Camera 360 that! Especially if you have a T-shirt cut sunburned skin, yikes! Saw one of those two-toned flabby arms screaming in a girl’s photo and it’s not pretty, I am telling you. Patse-patseng skin color, not cool. #urtehhh

Right now though I still have sun burned skin from my beach trip and I’m trying to get back to my old color, let’s go do that after this hottt summer we’re having, because my body’s craving for beaches. Ugh.

Kojie san is priced at Php50 for two bars and Php72.50 per 3 bars. Use it every time you take a bath.

A Bonnè C Salt. If Cat saw the heaven sent that is Kojie san, my mom did with this body scrub. I saw it first back in high school when a classmate brought one as a props, but I didn’t know what it was for then. Then when I was in college, my mom got herself one. And since Cat and I are constantly curious with the products my mother use, we tried this body scrub. It was one of the best days everrr! If you are using this product, I bet you know what I’m talking about. That clean, refreshed, smooth and soft skin right after the first time you use it. What a miracle! Believe me if I tell you you’d turn into a perverse version of yourself who can’t keep your hands off of your smooth skin (the way I usually do whenever I use it or have a leg wax) or your boyfriend’s or husband’s, lol.

It is currently priced at Php95. I use it twice a week, once a week if I’m such a busy bee. It scrubs away dirt and dead skin cells right away. Scrub, scrub, scrub it to every nook and cranny of your body, I sometimes use it on my face too, and feel superrr clean afterwards, I bet you my life on that. Plus!!! Applying lotion afterwards feels like your skin is absorbing it better.

This is also a steal, I mean if you’d get body scrub at spas, I don’t know how it’s priced because I get mine with the mani-pedi-spa-massage combo at Glam, but I think it’s still pricey, and it lasts for at least a month. So, still cool, right?

Why am I sharing this, you might ask? Oh, nothing. My friends and I think that some of my beauty blogs are actually helping some people to get out of their shell and these little things are the usual stuff women would like to know, right? #feeler

Would you let me know if you girls, gays and guys use this? And if you truly believe me after? Haha!

What about you, what are three things you can live without but opt not to?


Not a sponsored post at all. I hope it is, but sadly, no. Just a satisfied customer’s claim, that is. 🙂