I have always dreamed of becoming a slasher. I think I can be one, if I try to be, or if I’m not such a sloth, or if I’m not such a procrastinator, or if there aren’t lots of too good to pass up series that I really, really want to to watch. OR! If only the weather would permit me to. Too many excuses. Haha!


Selfie with le little Janet Napoles. 🙂

“Slasher,” is one of those new terms coined by people which means a person who wears many hats, or does a lot of things at the same time, a multi-tasker. Nope, that whole slasher thing on movie meant a whole different thing.

Today though, I was able to become just that in less than 24 hours. Woot. I can’t believe I’m a slasher! Jack of all trades, master of none? Yay me, today’s ninang-service-provider-daughter-blogger on the go!



The whole cast. With le little Janet Napoles photobombing like a boss.

My day started almost bright and early. Jervy, my brother’s friend got me as one of his newborn’s son godmother. I know, right? Why would people even want me to guide their children when I can’t even guide myself to the right path? Haha. Chos. I’m trying to be more optimistic and I would really love to give myself more credit than I usually do. 🙂

Glad I wasn’t late for the baptism. I was the accidental photographer too, because the couple forgot their camera. Haha!

Afterwards, I had to go back home to finish my work: time coding. Blech. The worst thing every segment producer has to do, I think. I was so sleepy because I was so tired from the previous day’s walking around Enchanted Kingdom. Anyway, after having a quick nap, finally finished time coding everything and went straight to the office for editing. 🙂

photo 2

I took a selfie because of my lippie.

After doing some tweaking with TC stuff, I went straight to editing. Good thing Kuya Juden’s just starting and he really want to finish everything so he can go home to his family and celebrate Father’s Day. Had to go home earlier too so I can be at home before Papa and we can prepare the little surprise we planned.

photo 3

We’re so bad at surprises and he’s so bad in being surprised that we just ended up eating dinner together after shouting “Happy Father’s Day!!!” Nothing fancy, just good ol’ sinigang na manok, liempo and his father’s day cake. It’s one of the rare moments we come together and eat in one table since mama went abroad. Figured we’re just all too damn busy with our own lives. I’ve spent more time with my friends in the dining table than my family lately. Ack, it ain’t pretty.

And now, here I am, blogging. Nonsensical? But I still am! I’m planning to type up those things buzzing over my head for days. I actually have at least three pending blog posts hovering over my head, and in my phone’s notes app I should probably just copy and paste them on WordPress app and hit post. Maybe, just maybe, these ‘feels’ would eventually go away. I feel like a pregnant woman who’s having hormonal dysfunctions. Or PMS, maybe.

I can’t believe I pulled off some ninja moves!

So there goes my four hats today! What about you? Aside from being a dutiful daughter/son on father’s day, what have you done lately, you mad hatter?