I was doing laptop cleanup when I saw this old post of mine that never made it to the blog. Wow, kuma-quality control! But because of recent hair changes, I figured it became more relevant and I really got to post it now.

Disclaimer: This is my hair evolution post for the past three years; expect word vomit and a picture-heavy selfie post. Lol.

301569_2340948442552_4452316_nbasic haired bitch

Three years ago, I was your boring basic haired bitch. I never experimented with my hair for fear of it making ‘tampo’ and I just really liked it long. Like what that old commercial says, “May mas sasarap pa ba sa nakasanayan na?” The only changes I make to it are getting fringes, giving it a nice brown color or cutting it just below the shoulder or layering it.

See, my hair has always been one of my favorite parts of my body; I even use it for flirting. Chos. It doesn’t need rebonding or straightening, I’m just so satisfied with it I haven’t found the need to do anything about it. You know what they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But everything changed when I entered the “real world.” The stress became so, well real, that I needed an outlet. All hell broke loose when I entered the media world. Believe me when I say, it’s a crazy planets. And thus began the hair-volution.

So in the last quarter of 2011, I asked my mother to give my hair a perm. I can’t remember why I did it, probably to distract myself for lack of case study for the show or to keep myself looking fresh despite the workload, ha!


“Hey girl, whatcha doing, hey girl, where you going…”

A few days later, I decided uhm, I wanted fringe again. I blame Zooey Deschanel and her role in New Girl for doing it. In fact, I liked her whole getup that I even copied her style every now and then.

By January, my curls are getting blah and I realized curly hair is like a baby that needs constant attention. You know how I feel about babies. I hated the frizz, and combing my hair seemed like a chore. So I decided to chop it all off. Maybe the Valentine’s buzz is partly to be blame for the hair depression as well. Chos.

401566_3328268004924_2021752877_nI’m so stressed I have to deal with pimples as well. Bleh.

So I got this hairstyle. The ends still looked like I just got out of bed every time and I’m itching to get another cut. I was eyeing Nicole Richie’s haircut but I think the long bob is still too safe for me. Then I remembered I wanted pixie hair for the longest time but I’ve been too afraid to take the plunge and do it. I guess I was afraid to look like a boy, but fuck it, because #YOLO, right?

images (2)

that iconic hair. ugh.

I still don’t know up until now where I got the confidence that I’d end up looking as hot as Emma Watson, but this I say is true: pixie hair is so liberating. I loved how I can go to bath and forget to comb it afterwards and it’s okay. So that’s how it felt to be a boy, I told myself. Other times, I’d blow dry it and put some product and I’d look chic. Win-win. It’s one of those things that when I’d look back, I wouldn’t cringe at my decision for doing it. I got mixed reactions from people, sure, but to hell with it. My hair, my decision.


pixie hair, no care

I’ve gone pixie for the better part of 2012. The only regret I got from it was there was no more hair to play with. So I find myself looking for other stress relievers. That’s when I got addicted to shoes and clothes.



the perfect illustration in growing out hair

When my hair got a bit longer, I decided to cut it again, just to make it look better. I had this picture pinned as my hair growing out process.



In 2013, I had three more haircuts to keep the bob. Many people liked it better short so I kept it short. They said it compliments my small face and my body frame and the long hair is weighing me down. By that time, I always wake up a little early to prep my hair. You know, #maartegirlproblems. I want it to always look polished. My hair dryer became my best friend.

After a few months, I decided to grow it out because I miss my long hair. I miss putting it in a high bun, I miss not having to blow dry every single day (whenever I go to work or out with friends), I just missed its familiarity and just having longer hair. I’m done with the edgy chic shit I’ve put myself into. Haha.

Most of the time I say that I use my hair as a distraction or a stress reliever from work, I think I even swore once that if I don’t do anything new to it, I might go batshit cray. And it’s just hair. And if there’s one thing you gotta love about it is that you can cut it without feeling nothing (500 Days of Summer, 2009).

Two months ago, I had my hair repaired. Got a little trim and a fringe over at Ricky Reyes. Oh, here’s a little trivia: I only get hair cuts at Ricky Reyes or Bench Fix. Fine, I know. Soooo arte. But I love my hair and with the things I put it in, I have got to give it the pampering it deserves. But I also allow my friends to color it! Haha!

A few weeks ago though, I’ve been meaning to get a new ‘do. Not necessarily a new cut, what are you going to do with shoulder-length hair? I don’t think I want pixie hair again, so I opted for hair color. But not just the usual brown/burgundy I’ve been dabbling with ever since my mom allowed me to color my hair, a shocking one would be fiiiine. And what better color to put on it than my favorite color? Aquamarine!

hair2this was the inspiration

So last night, I finally did it. It was actually my first time to have my hair colored by trained professionals because kuripot, you know. I even contemplated on just DIYing and just buy manic panic hair dye in the internets. I was just too afraid for the plausibility of a horrific outcome.


They first bleached my hair, I think for three times (apparently, lifting hair color is harder when you buy store bought hair colors) and it took 4 hours just to get bleach blonde hair on parts I wanted the streaks to appear. They keep on talking numbers like 9, 12, 6075 or something, 6 percent. Haha! I never thought hair coloring requires number, too. Chos. My hair’s a bit kulit though because some of it just turned yellow, not white.

Then, she put a lilac color and finally toned it to aquamarine and purple. Now I have hipster hair, as my friend Isabelle suggests. Hahaha!

The whole process took six freakin’ hours! Que horror talaga. I never thought I’m going to end up like one of those girls who spend soooo much time in salons. Huhu. I even thought had I brought my laptop with me, I would’ve catch up on Game of Thrones by now. Or did some work. But the pain of waiting and waiting is worth it. I Viber-ed a photo of the end result to my mom and all she can say is: ang ganda… Hahaha!





Much thanks to Ms. Sokie of Empire Salon for making another hair-volution moment, love it to bits! I’m so hard to please, but this is just love! No more words! Haha! Her creativity is spot on!

Glad I finally did it. I knew I needed something to spark some inspiration. Or even a new perspective, maybe? Perhaps a happier and more adventure-seeking one at that? Here’s one of the hair aftermaths: a long overdue blog.

Much thanks to Ate Mylene for giving me a nudge to finally do it and for booking me with Ms. Sokie (super galinggg!  I was looking at how she does it and I’m thinking kaya ko ba i-DIY next time, but noooo! so I guess I’m coming back, huhu wallet nga lang is crying na) and Tim as well for the patience in my hair! Haha! You guys at Empire Salon rock! The nineties music helped in my boredom while waiting for the freakin’ hair to turn white. Lol.

image_5with Ate Mylene and Ms. Sokie

Find Empire Salon at Intercon, ground floor in Makati. Don’t forget to book an appointment first! It’s just beside MRT Ayala station. You can opt not to ride the horror train if you want to make it to your appointment on time, unharmed and while still looking fab. 🙂

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. Haha! I wish it were, I mean, where do you even find that? Lol. This is just a happy customer’s feedback and your digital word of mouth on “Where did you get your hair done?”

P.P.S. Empire Salon is celebrating its first year! And they have big, big discounts! I got mine at 30% off!