Sinong may sabing kasal, binyag at baby showers lang ang pwedeng mag-registry? Haha!

I’m turning twenty six (wow, I hope I can always say how old I am turning every year) in two days time and I honestly don’t know why I’m feeling excited about this. On a normal day, I really wouldn’t give a damn on the 21st of September, but this year, I really am. Maybe it’s because it’s the first time ever I’m celebrating it that I am not at work eversince I started working five years back.

Last year, I made this collage of the things I want for my birthday. And you wouldn’t believe it, but I was able to acquire five out of 9 of the items I wanted. Nobody gave anything to me but myself, except for Adam Levine (believe me I got him) which my friends surprised me with and I’m totally fine with that. I love rewarding myself every now and again, one thing I got from my parents, haha.

So this year, I’m doing it again. But since I’m cooking on Sunday (the 21st, my actual birthday!) and I’m totally inviting you, (text me if you know my number) maybe you might want to give the birthday girl a gift? Haha! I promise my cooking’s edible. You can ask this baby girl below!

Here’s the list (a girl can dream):

This FRIENDS poster. If you know me, you know how much I love the series. They’re celebrating the show’s 20th anniversary since they first aired and I really, really want this poster Monica has behind her television. Here’s the good news! My friend Lhouie finally got me one and I can’t wait to see it. Huhuhu. Nonetheless, happy birthday to me!


Screw Pandora and all that mainstream stuff. I want one of these necklace instead! My birthstone’s blue sapphire, but I love turquoise too so any turquiose-colored stone will be good too!

New red flats. I overused my red flats and I still haven’t found the perfect replacement. I want one in round toe, bloody red and where my feet’s cleavage can be seen. I’ve been looking for months now, but Solemate, where I got my old pair does not manufacture them anymore, boo! Kainis because they sell then for P300 only! Should’ve gotten another pair before. I’m a size seven, btw. 😦

A fur rag. Oh, nothing. I just want one. Hehe!

A puppy! A maltese, preferably. Something fluffy and does not grow big. I want a cute puppy. They’re super cute and I think I’m ready to become a dog-mom now. Heehee. Anyone? I’d love you forever.

This Casio watch in rosegold. Dear, Evangeline Mones, I’m talking to you. The last time we went in Central Mall in Phuket, they were on sale. Pretty please, with sugar and cherries on top?

A pair of navy blue Keds in size seven. I badly need a new pair of sneakers and I want them!

This Audrey Hepburn painting; preferably the one in her iconic shot where she’s smoking or this one where she does not give a fudge, or lots of it. Get it printed and framed for me, please?

My own website! Buy me a domain? I promise I’ll blog more. πŸ™‚


Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor and Park and Attachments. They’ve had good reviews and I am really interested with these YA books.

This Eraserheads shirt especially designed by Promil Kid CJ de Silva. Size XS!

These Goody hairbrush. So expensive! I can’t imagine buying a hairbrush worth P500! Lurks.

A Vanilla Cupcake Bakery cupcake in Oreo Cheesecake flavor. Or Contis’ mango bravo. Huhuhu cravings Yameeeee!

Marimar. I want him. Please tell Manong Chavit I want him. I promise I’ll feed him Gardenia everyday.

This Benedict Cumberbatch coloring book. Oh my Benny Benny. I love you forevs, please don’t impregnate anyone but me like Gosling did. Hate him now. #creepyfangirl

This Johnny Cash necklace from Etsy. I don’t know if they’re making one here in the country but I think they do! Saw someting similar on Instagram.

And lastly, ka-sparks. Chos. Kahit actual fireworks na lang nga. Keri na rin yun. πŸ˜›

Others: A Manic Panic hair dye in violet or aquamarine. My hair color’s faded huhubels. A black, brown and white eyeliners, dark chocolate, ooh, I’m currently addicted to MnM’s, and a coral-colored lippy!

Actually, charot lang lahat yan, kasi probably ako rin bibili ng lahat ng yan in the coming year reward system namin ng sarili ko. But you know, if you want to give me anything above, haha!

September 21, Sunday, 4pm onwards. Dito sa bahay! Because Facebook posts are so mainstream, I’m giving you the chance to greet me personally and not those annoying and insulting “HBD” impersonal messages. How tamad are people nowadays? Walang alak kasi ayoko maglinis ng mga suka ninyo tsaka ayoko maging lasing na host. Ultimately, low budget because you know, #oneshowproblems ako. One time lang ‘to. See you kung di ka busy!

Told you I got Adam before that damned girl did. πŸ˜›