Here’s my what did you do today shizz ala Taylor Swift aka blog filler because maybe you miss me.

If you’re still not aware, Tay-tay has recently joined Tumblr. Woot woot and has been answering fans’ queries whenever she wants to. Here’s my version to one of her posts.

Woke up early for an early shoot.
Drank baby brotha’s milk before taking a bath.
Took a jeepney ride to the train station, sat beside a nun with my #NoToPantsMovement #ootd, and rode another jeepney going to work while giving shades to catcallers on the street.
Updated my guests for a raket.
Went to Muntinlupa for a shoot, ate and surprisingly finished my pork chao fan with siomai from Chowking then went to San Juan for another shoot.
Packed up shoot.
Went back to GMA to write treatment for tomorrow’s shoot.
Forgot to text the dress’ seller that I need to exchange our host’s dress.
Had an eye to eye contact with my old neighbor/reporter I had a humungous crush on.
Went to the movies with Chissa and Dianne and watched Nora Aunor’s movie, Dementia.
Had a panic attack inside the taxi going home because the driver’s acting suspicious.
Still waiting for the updated research materials for tomorrow’s shoot.
Sleeping in fifteen minutes or so so I can wake up early for the treatment.

When I’m legit doing NOTHING, I’m doing a lot of things.

P.S. Here are some photos of my take on Ate Taylor’s style I wore few days ago. Meh. Harshtag ow ow tee dee. Yuck.




Don’t know why I think this is a T Swizzle outfit; must be the oxfords.

So how’s your week so far?

PPS: thank you Kuya Ever for these photos. 😉