You gotta love friends who know the things that you love! 👯

Behold the zombie apocalypse outfit: Hepburn-zombie shirt, thrifted maxi dress turned to maxi skirt and white/nude slips ons. An excuse for an #ootd

This is one of the three shirts I got for my birthday. #3in1plus1 happy kaarawan! Three things I love about this: Audrey Hepburn, one of my fashion icons, zombies! (A zombified Hepburn? Why not?) and it’s color. My aunt who washes my clothes every now and then says I’m obsessed with white tops haha! The plus one you’re asking? The one who gave the gift of course! Naks! #heartheart Chissa! Lol

Walang aircon kasi holiday selfie. #secondclasshero

Wanted to look extra pretty (wow #ggss) today. You know how I always look drab during editing and today I finally took the extra effort but my crush isn’t here today?! Anyare, world? Ah oo, holiday.

On another note, Queen Taylor recently joined Tumblr and I’m contemplating on whether or not I should switch to Tumblr, too. Lol. Hashtag fangirl. Expect more shorty Tumblr-ish posts for the meantime. Let me know if you like it better. Ciao!