One of the best things about having your own blog site is the freedom to update it in a “Dear diary” type; nobody will be annoyed at you for doing it, unlike in Facebook where people will think “Diary mo ba ‘to?” Because the truth is, blogs are just like your diary, only one that can be read not only by people you know but people you don’t even know exist and nobody is forcing anyone to read its contents. Read at your own risk! You can still do that “dear diary” on Facebook, but you’ll be one of those people that your friends unfollowed or will get the “so ano naman paki namin?” comment.
Just like how Pinkman would’ve said, “Technology, bitch!”


Labadami Labango!

Yay me for being able to finish my two week laundry today! I was able to save P200 for having my tita to do them for me. I will have yucky looking hands because of my shitty-akala-mo-mayaman-sensitive-skin problems for the next week or so, but that’s okay! #grownupproblems


This baby boy is stealing and melting my heart.

Remember when I said I will never love dogs? Maybe this baby boy is about to prove that wrong. Like a true blue #Virgo, I am trying to keep my feelings for this little one, because feelings, you know? Hahaha! My baby brother adopted him three days ago and this playful bad boy keeps following us around even in the bathroom since he got here. Clingy much?

Taco Cravings


After doing the laundry, I decided to do some grocery shopping, and what do you know, groceries are kinda like Watson’s. You go in there knowing what you only need to buy but ended up buying a bunch of stuff with P608.00 bill. Pfft. So much for saving P200.00 for the laundry.

Anyway, I’ve been craving tacos since Friday and I’ve been dreaming about it since then so I made some; well, just one actually. Kept the others in the fridge for future cravings. Hehe.

How do I made them? I Googled the recipe! My beef ended up a little salty than I wanted but that’s okay. “A” for effort for the first timer!

Now I’m rewatching some Fringe again and might be doing some work, if I get the materials emailed to me or finally finishing the book I’m reading: The Lover’s Dictionary.

So how’s your Sunday treating you?

Now I really need to stop procrastinating, those emails aren’t going to write themselves, do they?