I promise I’m no pro, I’m still a makeup noobice (novice) pawitty shets and I’ve had my fair share of bald brows and Eric Fructuoso-ish/ Betty La Fea-ish eyebrow brouhaha, but my made up eyebrows have been getting the most compliments lately that I decided to make a quick (and by quick I mean a 15 second) video on how I do it. Posting it on Instagram! Because I know how short the attention span of everyone is and just to let you know that it’s easy. Yes, Abby Atienza, I’m talking to you. Hahaha!

Some girls can’t go without lipstick or blush on or mascara, but right now, I think my face looks incomplete if I forget to do my brows, especially when taking pictures with friends. Anyway, here’s how I do mine:

1. Mow those brows. I had mine fixed by my sister and then later on by my make up artist cousin (who’s a straight guy, btw) and now I’m just maintaining it. That’s the kuripot girl’s secret: DIY! I always use a blade for stray hairs because I can’t bear the pain of plucking them, soooobrang sakiiiit gosh! Blade’s more dangerous but with practice you’ll get the hang of it. Sometimes I also use scissors to cut those long hair bastards. Basta dapat follow the natural angle of your brows lang to achieve the au naturele look.

2. Fill them. Some girls use the pencil-type eyebrow makeup to fill in their brows, I used that too for at least a year or two before, but I’ve had a change of heart when I tried using an eyebrow palette instead. It’s easier to use and I can control how much makeup I put on my brows so I won’t look like I have a kilo kilo eyebrow makeup on hindi na ba uso makeup bukas look. The pencil ones kasi are harder to control especially if you have heavy hands plus ang kapal ng pag-shade ang effect, I don’t like how it looked like parang cartoon-ish so I opted for the palette type.

3. Tone it down. Before, I only do the first and second step, one step nga lang if my brows still look “mowed” to me haha! Anyway, Ate Piah, my master editor and I had a makeup sesh talk some few weeks ago and she showed me this Maybelline brow makeup thingy, too lazy to GMG what it’s called, but it’s similar to a mascara, it temporary colors your eyebrows to make it look similar to your hair color. Dami sinabi. They have 3 colors, I think: brown black, blonde and reddish. Ate P has the reddish one cause she has red hair and two weeks ago, I got one in blonde, cause I have lighter hair color now. Anyway, what it does is tone down your brows’ color to make it look more natural and less ‘ halatang dinrowing’ for lack of a better English term. Although some women like theirs sobraaaang kapal, I don’t obvs. My brows are already bushy because of genes so I tend to tone it down and I like it natural-looking, ye know, I always go for the no makeup makeup look if I have to.

Love it to bits! I knew of its existence before but never tried it, glad I did! Finally found what I’m looking for; dear U2, hope you do, too! Lol

That’s it. Easy peasy, right? I feel so kapal for sharing this because I have lots of makeup artist friends on Facebook, but what the heck. I never said I’m a pro. Haha!

If you still haven’t realized the beauty of a nicely made up eyebrows, try it! Promise, magmumukhang may bago sa mukha mo lalo sa photos. 😉

Finished product dunno why the lighting’s different, umusog agad yung araw? Lol


Here’s a #nomakeupmakeupselfie I took last Saturday with my new nude lippy, too. #nofilter yo.