Hello! Finally writing about the how I made the Oreo cheesecake I posted on Facebook, as promised. I hope it’s still not too late and if you’ve been wanting to make some for tomorrow’s Noche Buena, eto na! Habol pa ‘yan!

I’ve been meaning to make Oreo cheesecake for many months now but I’m too afraid I might mess it up and just waste money on something I worked hard on, heh. Also, I hate to fail. #truestory

I got the recipe from countless Googling of the keywords “no bake oreo cheesecake” and from my sister’s friend. Anyway, no more blahs, here’s how I did it!

You’ll need:

16 pieces of Oreo (I used 8 vanilla flavoured and combined it with the 8 blueberry ice cream flavoured ones I got from my recent trip in Malaysia) if you want it to be more oreo-y, feel free to add more, walang umaawat sa’yo! 😉

About 3 spoonfuls of butter

½ tablespoon of vanilla extract/flavouring (if you have the budget, you can buy McCormick, but I used White Rose’s brand, because they’re practically the same thing, my mom said so)

1 pack 250 ml all purpose cream, chilled (I used Nestle)

About 3 and a half spoonfuls of powdered sugar, sifted

Cream cheese, cut the entire bar in half, sabi dapat daw 100g (225 g yung nabili ko, I used San Mig’s brand)

(I think I spent about P300? Not really sure, I lost my receipt. And I still have half of cream cheese, one bottle of vanilla extract, and a box of powdered sugar, so I guess it’s a pretty good deal since the average price of Oreo cheesecake cupcake is 150.)

You might notice that I’m not really sure about the measurements because I was doing the tantya-meter. I know, bakers are going to hate me for this, but I was just trying how it would turn out, turned out pretty much yum (buhat mesa) and I also believe that we have different levels of how creamy or sweet the cake we’d like it to be.

Step 1. Crush 10 pieces of oreos for the crust. I-crush mo sa kung papaanong paraan mo ika-crush ang buto ng haliparot na nang-aagaw ng crush mo. Kidding! Basta crushed na pwedeng gawing crust ng cheesecake, like little rocks, pero hindi Boracay-fine sand. Hihi!

Step 2. Combine the oreos with the melted butter. Then put it in a pan and flatten it, parang inaspaltong daan. I used the regular-sized microwave-ables for this one and I was able to make 2 microwave-able trial cheesecakes. Then, put it in the freezer.

Step 3. Grate the cream cheese. Katangahan ko was nilagay ko kalahating bar and I was having a hard time mixing it with the other ingredients, lol, so tomorrow, when we bake the ones we’re having for noche Buena, I’m going to do this step. Anyway, mix it with 2 spoonfuls of powdered sugar and the vanilla extract/flavouring. Do not put a lot of vanilla extract, chachaka ang lasa. I put about ¾ spoonfuls and I can still taste it. Put it little by little lang. Put it aside.

Step 4. Put your all purpose cream, dapat chilled, yung tipong medyo buo-buo so it would be easier to beat, until it doubles its volume. If you have an electric beater, you’re super lucky, pinagpala ka ng tech Gods, if you’re a poor girl like I am, use a whisk and beat it, beat it, no one wants to beat it, beat it. Kinanta mo? Haha! Basta #beatpamore, palakasan ng braso ‘to! Then slowly put the remaining powdered sugar with it.

Step 5. Combine the all purpose cream to your cream cheese mixture, and then beat some more. Do not overmix it!!! You’ll know if na-overmix na, chaka na ang consistency. Then get 3 oreos and break it into little pieces, and fold it to your mixture, fold lang ha! I hope you still know from your baking class what folding meant, otherwise, i-Google mo!

Step 6. Remove your Oreo crust from the freezer and put the mixture on both tubs. Smooth out the surface. Then get your remaining Oreos, break them, grate them, do whatever you want and place them over the mixture.

Step 7. Put it back in the freezer. After four hours or until it gets solid, they’re good to go! Enjoy!!!

Let me know how it will turn out?

Here’s how mine did. My papa said: Para ‘kong kumakain sa restaurant na nakataas ang paa at walang shirt. Parang ice cream.

And Kaye said: Ayaw ko na! Ayaw ko na tigilan! Lol.

So we’re making more tomorrow with mangoes and maybe banana and nutella! Yey! Be imaginative with your version!

Good luck with yours!

Happy holidays!1377480_10205481797783750_4082141799795967846_n