Nov. 25, 2014

(I know, I know, ako na matagal mag-upload. Ako na tamad mag-sift ng pictures.)

They said if you’re traveling to another country, you have to get lost in it. Or was it just me? Haha!





Kota Kinabalu City vibe. Think smaller, cleaner, less noisy Makati

Our first day was spent walking around the city. Shernan and I wanted to see some of the tourist spots in KK that are walking distance from each other. I only knew that because I watched Biyahe ni Drew’s two-part episode on Kota Kinabalu this year. Anyway, She is pretty good with maps and I’m pretty good with remembering where we took a turn and signs and all so I guess we were a good team. 😉 Finding places have been a breeze and by the end of the day, we we’re pretty much familiar with the (left side part of) city.


This is what you’ll see inside the tourism office. I know, I’m so tanga not having a picture of Carmelita.

First thing we did when we step foot out the hostel was to walk around, maps in hand, tourist mode: ON. As we were walking by, we saw Sabah Tourism Office, decided to come in and ask for the places we wanted to see. One of the staff, Carmelita, was very helpful, patient and kind. In less than an hour, she was able to help us get to Signal Hill Observatory (just behind their building) and the malls and helped us book our second and third day adventures in KK. We booked river rafting on day 2 and island hopping on day 3. Our plan is to have the usual touristy things to do in the morning and have the nights free for “whatever goes”.


took this on a different day, forgot to take a pic the first time haha!

Malaysia’s version of Yakult. Ours still taste better. Phuket’s taste better as well.

We ate at one of the hole in the wall food stalls near the hostel and I forgot what I ate. Hahaha! But here’s the picture for posterity’s sake.


Signal Hill Observatory Tower





it’s a long way to the top, if you want to rock n’ roll


made it!


Pagoda coldwave lotion


view from the top – city skyline, the mountains and the sea. You can see everything from way up here!

Afterwards, we’re off to find Signal Hill Observatory Tower, which is one corner away from our hostel. Fun, right??? It’s for free but you have to ascend a 250 meter hill to reach the top and see the entire city in its glory. Halfway through the stairs, Shernan and I were already gasping for air. So much for wanting to climb the great Kinabalu mountain. Haha! I think it was a 10-15 minute trek, depending on how fast you are, but the view was amazing. You can see everything from up there! The hotels, buildings, the malls, the beaches and even the islands! Coolness! So glad we went up there.


saw this on the way to the mall. Lol. Bas.


had some Big Apple doughnuts. They’re good!

We were trying to find the clock tower, another tourist spot, that was supposed to be a 10-minute walk from Signal Hill, but we weren’t able to find it so we decided to check out their mall instead. Too bad we weren’t able to try their version of KFC. But! You’ll be glad to know that our items are cheaper than theirs. For instance, the shoes I got from Payless are retailed at P600 in the Philippines, while it is sold there at P900 (converted it to peso) and it’s already on sale, so yay ‘Pinas!

After strolling, we went back to the hotel and take a rest. We waited for night time to check out the Filipino Night Market located near the pier. Because our country is so close to Sabah, a lot of Pinoys are residing here that we have a market named after us! But today, it’s a smorgasbord of different businessmen, the tourism office said. It’s a 15 minute walk from where we were and by this time, we already know how to go about the place.

Filipino Night Market







satay was not good. They should try our inasal.

We met Tausugs in the night market! Imagine our surprise when people keep asking us “Pinoy?” “Sige, bibigyan kita ng tawad.” It was so much fun and it’s like we just went to dampa in Macapagal Road. Most Pinoys in there are Muslims because Mindanao is very close to Sabah. Kota Kinabalu and Manila has no time difference, BTW.




We had crabs and curacha for dinner and it was so yummmmmeeeeeeehhhh! Pinoys really are great cooks! Their fresh shakes are to die for as well!

We went back to the hostel after checking out the souvenir shops and felt so giddy for the river rafting (level 4!!!) the next day. Also, very nervous because I think I’m going to die.