November 27, 2014

Rate: 160RM inclusive of lunch buffet, boat and hotel transfers. Originally, we we’re to visit Sapi Island and Manukan Island, the most popular island in the group of islands in KK. There are five: Sapi, Manukan, Mamutik, Gaya and I forgot the other one, go Google it! On the day itself, our tour guide said they changed the itinerary from Manukan to Mamutik because snorkeling is better in Mamutik.



panoramic view of Jesselton port.


So here’s a quick funny story behind this photo. I asked this guy to take a photo of me, but he didn’t know how to use my phone he ended up taking lots of selfies before finally figuring out how to tell me how to do it. Hahaha! #firstlemmetakeaselfie


He finally succeeded! I had about 20 shots of the same pose, let’s just be thankful I wasn’t using a camera with film! Haha!

We shared the boat with an Indian couple who were so kind and accommodating. They said they always travel every year and are now married for 37 years. They look so happy. #relationshipgoals There was a Japanese girl who was traveling alone as well, she can’t speak English well so we weren’t able to have a chat with her. #travelergoals

Sapi Island




Our first stop was Sapi island. What I love about this island, their islands in general, is that even if they’re tourist spots, I mean, there are practically tourists every day, they are very well maintained. We have better islands here in the country, Boracay sand is whiter and finer, but if you’d compare the maintenance, Boracay is like a prostitute that had been used over and over while Sapi and Mamutik are like virgin islands. I hope we can still revive Boracay to its old beauty. #justsaying

Below are some arteyyy pics lol




Shernan’s version of the panorama 3-pic chuvaness. no edit, panorama lungs.IMG_7507

and my versionIMG_7506

One of the good things of having gay friends is they make you do things you wouldn’t normally do: like this ANTM pose daw She made me do.


and a candid shot.

Island to Island Zipline!

She and I wanted to try the island to island zipline (Gaya island to Sapi island) and we did just that! It was so much fun. I felt like I was flying, I wish it didn’t have to end so soon, but it was just 250m I guess. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it very much. Worth every 60RM.



that’s the zipline! between the islands! so cool!IMG_7509





Shernan went first. Age before beauty. Chos.

I actually have a video of this zipline chuva, but I don’t know how to attach a video. I know, buzzkill.


IMG_0284that’s me ziplining!

The food was prepared by Pinoys, yet again, so we already knew it will not disappoint.

Mamutik Island




Then off we went to Mamutik island to snorkel. I tried snorkeling in Sapi but there are less schools of fish in there than there were in Mamutik. Namumutiktik ang mga isda sa Mamutik! You have to wear life vest in order to snorkel because about twenty steps from the shore are coral reefs!! If you can float for a long time, then good for you, but they advice to use the vests so you won’t hurt yourself from the coral reefs.

There are different kinds of fishes in there. There are clown fish, Dorys, and other fishes, but what caught my eye is the rainbow-colored fish. It was so beautiful I kept on following it, I even told Shernan there was a fish that represents the LGBT community pala! Winnur!

By 3pm, we had to go back to Jesselton Point and return to our hotel.

It was a laid back day three, a refreshing change from the adrenaline-heart-pumping-filled day two at Padas.

By night time, we decided to eat at one of the cutesy restaurants along Gaya Road, where we finally had laksa for dinner. Hehe.

IMG_6646 IMG_6649