One of the things I hate about myself is my being a procrastinator. I procrastinate, like a lot. I think I have been procrastinating my entire life that sometimes I think that if I haven’t been doing so, I would have already crossed off a lot of things on my bucket list. That’s saying a lot, well, maybe more than I hope it would be. Sucks, ‘no?

Like today, I have been putting off time coding (that’s looking at all the shots my cameraman took and choosing the best shots from them to be included in the episode, in layman’s term) that I have basically did some of the things I have been putting off before. I did my laundry today, I have been putting that off for days and I keep on watching The Walking Dead and Grimm reruns over the past week. I kind of cleaned some areas of the house, did my own pedicure, and started reading Rainbow Rowell’s Fan Girl again, after putting it off for a few months. And now I’m blogging, which I have been putting off, hence the page’s inactivity for more than a month. I even made some French toast just to keep myself from more time coding. Hrr.

Not to mention I have checked all the usual social media sites I frequent in the interwebz. That I even chanced upon Kris Aquino’s blog. Holy guacamole, she blogs now. Is there anything this woman won’t try? C’mon! This kinda gives me the creeps. Maybe she’ll give bloggers a bad name. Eeep! The sad thing is that even after all these distractions I gladly throw upon myself; I would still do that time coding thing, tonight. Tomorrow’s editing, so no more room for distractions, Carmina. Stop being the queen of distractions, for once.

So, I’m going to try to start doing that thing that’s miserably part of my job description before all these words swirl around in my head again and would make me want to write blog after blog after blog. #mentaldiarrhea

So, what have you been up to, lately, beautiful people?