with my lovely nieces Poi and Pao

Just in: I finally realized and accepted that I have finally entered the Tita-hood. Like shet, sobrang Tita ko na talaga! Some people would argue that you’ve become a tita once your siblings have kids and these kids start calling you “tita.” If that would be the case, then that would mean I officially became one at eighteen.


the newest addition to the family: Potpot

But I beg to disagree; tita-hood is when you start catching yourself doing things that your younger self wouldn’t have done when you’re 22. Say for instance, being home on a Friday night. And then staying at home on a Saturday night binge watching Scandal instead of being out with friends bitching about that girl who your crush is dating. “Ang pangit niya naman eh!” Not that we don’t do that anymore, it’s just that, we can virtually do that on Viber. Why would I want to go out and spend my precious money on booze? And regret it the morning after because apparently, my body can no longer take more than three shots of tequila. I’m practically “Flor” as in “1,2,3, floor!” Or if you really want to meet up, can we at least do it over lunch?


One of the few moments that the Pagongs are complete! With karay-karay na kids pa! With boyfies! Jovi with kids Chacha and Chichi; Cha brought Loisse, her niece; Ghe brought Wayne, her nephew and Joshua, her youngest brother who was like five years old when I last saw him, but he’s now a grown little man, ack!; while I brought Poi. Issa, Melch and Shernan didn’t brought kids haha!

Meeting up with friends means doing it over dinner, after work and going home before the wee hours of the morning, because you know, “antok na ko, tara, uwi na tayo”. If you go beyond midnight, that only means you have not seen each other in a while. Like this Saturday, I attended my friend’s kid’s SEVENTH birthday celebration. That is so tita. So anyway, after the party, wherein we actually brought kids, (I never would’ve imagined bringing a kid in a children’s party and be the responsible adult for him/her, but I actually did!) the uncoupled ones went to Mom and Tina’s Timog to have coffee. And cakes. Hahaha! Hash tag titahood talaga! Afterwards, we didn’t want to go home yet so we went to McDonald’s Ermita to pass away the time until 5:30 so Issa can go home to Laguna. Over coffee and fries, topics range from what do you want to do in the future, relationship problems, driving, work woes, going back to school, family and other things only titas would discuss. Huhu. Old girl.


the 5:30 AM Club. Over coffee, cakes, and fries; from Bambang to Timog to Ermita; from driving to cheating boyfriends and adult problems. Catch up weekend.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to a bar. Like a bar where you can’t even hear your own conscience, and the blaring music irritates you. The last time I’ve had an actual drink was in August, when one of my friends had a birthday party and we practically cried in the lavatory puking our guts out. I’m telling you, it was not a pretty sight, especially if you’re a 26 year old woman who should’ve known better. The fuck Carmina, were you like seventeen?

I’ve been so obsessed with bed sheets lately. Like the other pay day, I spent a helluva lot money on a single sheet with two pillow cases. I didn’t know bed sheets cost that much!!! I mean, sure, I got it because of the pretty ocean green/teal color, (you know how obsessive I can get with that color) but I also got it because I want to sleep so much better and enough with these cartoon-printed sheets I’ve been using since I was twelve. Today, I am contemplating on having another set and buying a new mattress, finally giving my fourteen year old mattress its much needed retirement. Who would’ve thought the day will come when I’d think of having a better bed huhu, signs of aging: wanting sleep, like tens and thousands of it. My bed is practically my favorite possession in the whole wide world. I’m planning of getting three more sheets for my bed. Sheeeet. On another note, DIY home improvement tips on Pinterest soothe me, and make me imagine my own place to live alone in. I rarely lust over new clothes anymore, and if I do, they’re these basics that I could use a uniform outfit to save up on clothing money.

I’ve started to think about my future. I’m practically focused on my health right now. My last gastritis scare made me think that I’m not getting any younger and this whole “health is wealth” thing? Dude, finally understood it now. I’m also thinking of upgrading my mutual fund with Sunlife. And I’m also thinking about other ways on how to earn more money to start a business, or maybe buy a car or use it as down payment for a house. And get a stable job that I wouldn’t regret later on in my life. Whatever. But lately, all I want to do is go to another place and re-boot. I want to rethink my life and what to do with it.

My friend Eloisa also called out to me when I commented on a Facebook post and typed in the words “mga kabataan ngayon…” You know you’re old when you start using that phrase, ‘no? But really, mga kabataan ngayon makapag-mourn sa pag-alis ni Zayn Malik sa One Direction, masyado naman kayong invested sa mga batang ‘yan! And buying 1D, really?!

While we’re in this whole “mga kabataan ngayon” convo, what does SO when they refer to their special someone really mean? Like I’ve been thinking maybe it’s slang for SomeOne? Or Special Order? Secret On? Or does “secret on” is our generation’s slang for SO? And what does SMH mean? I don’t want to GMG those anymore!

And lastly, I think I’ve finally mellowed down on being mean. You know how they say, bumabait ang mga tao kapag tumatanda na? Cringe. It’s not that I’m really a mean girl; I just tell people what I think without thinking about the repercussions of what I said. So friends, you need to give the nickname “Mean-a” a rest, because I am no longer a mean girl. Just don’t go pushing my buttons.

So what are your tita moments?



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