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Huzzah social media slaves!

How did your Holy Week went? Were you one of those people who braved the crowded bus stations, airports and congested expressways to go on a much needed vacation? Were you able to get that break or were you so pissed you wished you should’ve just stayed home and took a break, took a KitKat? That was lame. Haha!

My family has this strict rule: No one goes out (of town) or have fun on Holy Week. We’re not really devout Catholics, I mean, the last time I went to church before this year’s Easter Sunday was, I can’t remember, Father. My parents always say, “Patay ang Diyos, magsasaya kayo? Pumirmi kayo sa bahay at mangilin.” And that’s basically the end of the conversation. So I haven’t really went out. And frankly, I wouldn’t want to. Who wants to go to Sagada, Boracay, Hong Kong and every other hot spot outside Manila when I know it’s going to be crowded? I hate big crowds during vacation. I always relate the word “vacation” to “serenity,” “no or less crowd,” and relaxation. Who could relax when you share a beautiful place with a thousand other people? And noisy kids and attention seeking teenagers at that?

So hello, staycation! So on Holy Wednesday, I went to Quiapo, the dibidi eks capital, and hoard some movies! I want something light and funny, so I opted for romcoms. Want to know my list? Not? I’ll share it anyway! Haha!

A sorry excuse for short movie reviews:

The Spectacular Now – this 2013 (?) coming of age story stars Divergent stars Shailene Woodley and the charming Miles Teller. Miles’ character is a perennial grumbler who has the world at his feet, until his hot girlfriend left him, because he has no ambitions. He met the shy Shailene (forgot their character’s names) and they had a relationship. I liked this Sundance stunner because it’s very real and these two are really good with their part. Galengs! Funny how I’ve watched Woodley and Teller’s constant bickering in Divergent and in here they play as boyfriend/girlfriend. Woodley is so lovable and so is Teller. Basta, galing nila! The movie stays with me ’til this day.

Two Night Stand – Another Miles Teller movie, are you getting now that I have a crush on this guy? Hahaha! If you want a romcom with a witty script, then this one’s for you. The plot’s about a supposed one night stand between Alec and Megan, but because of a hurricane, they got stuck with each other for another day. They got to know one another and decided to tell each other “constructive criticisms” about sex. Opposite ANTM alum Analeigh Tipton, this sexy romcom will surely make you smile and laugh! Perfect for easy watching.

Leaving Las Vegas – a classic starring Nicolas Cage. He’s an alcoholic writer who’s looking to kill himself with alcohol. I wasn’t able to finish the film because the end of my copy wouldn’t play anymore. I know, #DVDXproblems

Hot Young Bloods – a Korean film about high school love, violence, family and friendship. So there’s this kid who’s main goal was to date every girl in his class, until a pretty transferee stole his heart. Then there’s this girl who’s the head of the gang crushing on the young casanova, but she is wooed by another leader of a gang from a different high school. Set in 1982, this cat and mouse movie filled with gangster beating is a bit so-so. Still fun though, just not at par with the other Korean films that had me laughing at the first half and will make you cry like a baby at the second half.

How To Get Away With Murder – Finally finished the first season! Viola Davis is awesome. I got a little bored during the first few episodes after repetitive showing of flashbacks of the murder, but it got better in the end. The season finale cliffhanger was awesome-sauce! The side plots (cases they took as it was a story of criminal attorney Annalise Keating) were a bit dry, so if you’re looking for better legal drama, I highly suggest The Good Wife. I’m done downloading the remaining episodes in the current season and can’t wait to watch them, yiiii! Also, if you’re going to watch it, don’t fall for Will Gardner, he’s mine.

New York, I Love You – it’s a collection of short films written and directed by 10 different people set in Paris. Joke, New York City of course! I like the way it looked like the ensemble movie Love, Actually, New Year’s Day, etc., but it’s actually not. The director who thread the entire movie was just fucking amazing. Love how the stories intersect at some points in the story to give way to the next story. Like, galing ng tahi!

The Proposal – This is such a cute movie hahaha. Also, if you want to see Ryan Reynolds’ cute butt and bumping uglies with naked Sandra Bullock, then you need to see this! Haha! Bitchy boss Margaret proposes to her assistant Andrew to prevent herself from getting deported back to Canada. They’re saying this movie is the new Coco Martin and Toni Gonzaga movie’s blueprint, but I don’t know, haven’t seen that yet. But this is just fun! Haha! Looking for feel good movies? This one’s for you!

The DUFF – or the Designated Ugly Fat Friend. A high school flick about a group’s DUFF. You know, you’ve seen it, the ugliest girl in the barkada, the one who doesn’t get asked out on a date. As she plans to go out of the DUFF-zone, our chubby, smart lead enlist the help of the jock to un-DUFF her, hilarity ensues. I always love a good high school movie. the lead star is reminiscent of Emma Stone’s character in Easy A. Love it.

Four Sisters and A Wedding – I know, I know. I watch Tagalog movies every now and then and I saw this clip on a friend’s timeline and I just have to see this movie in its entirety. It’s a family movie with a stron cast. Bea Alonzo, Angel Locsin, Toni Gonzaga and Coney Reyes, among others. Bea stealing the scene. She was so good in this. I can totes relate to her, I just need to be fucking successful to pull it off completely. Haha!

The Last Five Years – starring Anna Kendrick and Script’s Danny lookalike Jeremy Jordan, shares the story of Cath, a struggling actress and Jamie, a novelist. It tells their story from their own perspective; Cath from reverse starting from break up and Jamie sharing from the start. Love the storytelling and their voices. If I had a voice like Anna Kendrick’s, I’d be rich. 😉 If you’re into musical, then this one’s for you!

Jimmy Kimmel videos in between- Hahaha! Also Jimmy Fallon’s! And some The Voice videos! I got addicted over the weekend and they were super fun. I wish talk shows were as fun as those!

What about you? Did you had a staycation as well? Or did you go to an amazing place with your amazing friends soaking on your own awesomeness? Okay, must rewatch Mean Girls. Haha! How was it?