I’m feeling a little bit vain than usual. So I thought I’d share another ten things about me.

1. I think “Drops of Jupiter” has some of the best lyrics that ever existed.

2. Choosing between Fitz and Jake is one of the hardest thing in the world; prolly harder than finding the value of “X” in Algebra. #Scandal

3. A tall Java Chip Frappuccino is the only drink I order at Starbucks.

4. I suck at cooking adobo, but my spaghetti will not disappoint you.

5. My favorite Trolli gloworms is the pink and blue worm. I always buy a pack that has the most blue and pink worms combo.

6. When the time comes that I build my own house, I’ll have a red main door, or blue. I’ll toss a coin for it.

7. I think that picking a favorite FRIENDS cast is like picking a favorite kid of your own.

8. I started to have a penchant for white tops that I can wear a white top for two weeks straight, more or less.

9. Peanut butter and blueberry sandwich is one of the most brilliant things ever invented!

10. I miss waking up to my papa and my mama’s morning conversations.

11. I don’t trust people who don’t use a cute tone when talking to babies.