Hola! I don’t know why I haven’t been writing, maybe because I have been living my life instead. Kidding! Life has been so busy these past few months. Right now, I’m a little bit exhausted, mentally. I think this has been going on since last night. My mind is a wonderful mess like you know how you want to write and there are lots of voices inside your head and everybody’s talking simultaneously, I mean, guys, one at a time! My fingers are not made to type 1,000 words per minute, ya know.

So right now I figured I’m going to free write, to keep the mind flowing, and maybe release some of the work stress I’ve put myself into, lately. So what have I been doing the past weeks? Well, I got a new part-time job, where I manage social media accounts and do content for a Youtube channel called Maputing Cooking. If you know that viral Jollibee video of “Kaligayahan ng Manok,” yep, the Aussie guy who orders at Jollibee in deep Tagalog? Chris Urbano? I work there now!

I figured I want to do something more challenging that is a little bit off of what my body’s attuned to, but still in line with my interests. What a better way than learn something new in a different platform, right? I have some free time and let’s admit it, I need more money since I can no longer make raket inside the company since we filed a regularization case. Yep, #casefilerproblems.

Hey, before I forget, do like all of our social media pages, yes? Find maputing cooking in FB, Twitter, IG and Youtube if you like food, wine, lifestyle and fun! I write stuff that the mainstream media won’t air, so it’s really fun you know, taking your angst on stupid things like Philippine politics every now and then.

Ooh, if you want to know more about the regularization case, we had a Jericho walk. It’s a fancy schmancy name the board thought of, but it’s basically just a peaceful rally we did last Friday in light of recent events happening at work. It’s a crazy planets, baby! I would want to elaborate but I guess you should just go visit Facebook and search for Buhay Media.

If my mind clears up, I think I may write about the first time I helped organize a rally. I really couldn’t believe I helped organize one, let alone join it in the first place! If you know me, you know how I hate walking and staying under the sun for hours. So that’s still something new to me. Another thing that’s new is being called an asal kalye for actually standing up for what I believe is right and just. I think reading all these nonsensical comments on the circulating photos of the march is what making my head hurt. I realized that stupid comments from netizens who turn the issue from contractualization to network wars will really do your head in, literally.

I’m almost done with the remainder of my contract and I’m having sepanx from my co-workers that I love. Still thinking if I should post that somewhat love letter to these people here in the blog. It’s a little cheesy, so maybe I’ll do that if I ever get to finish my last episode. I wonder who’ll my last guest be.

Finally, in case you didn’t notice, which would really be idiotic, is that I finally changed themes! Also, I changed the blog’s header from “Carmina tries to write” to “Chasing realities.” I felt like trying to write defeats the purpose of actually writing, so I just changed it to that. I would’ve wanted to re-christen this with “Not Another Fashion Blog” as a nod to the fashion blogger I’ll never be. Haha. Feeler. So I just used it as this blog’s title. Then I thought maybe I should spring life back into the old name “Pula Ang Kuko Ni Mina” but then I haven’t had red nails lately (should I?) or my favorite: “Mga Kwento Ng Nagtataeng Utak” but I thought that it’s too “toilet.”

So I settled for Chasing realities. Initially, I wanted chasing dreams, or butterflies, but that didn’t sound right. Realities sound more, well, for lack of a better term, realistic and attainable. Whatever. I’m free writing!!! Here’s to hoping I finally get to upload my draft posts before I finally bid goodbye to my dream job. :’)

How about you? What did you the last six weeks or so? I want to know about it! If you’re free, I want to know about it in person!