Whenever I get bored, I try to look back at my life’s backlogs. Whaaat. Haha! Like books I haven’t read (which reminds me that I have to finish Paper Towns), movies I haven’t seen that’s been rotting on my hard drive (note to self: stop watching Harry Potter, finish those movies first to sort out which ones you don’t need, free up some space!), blog (have to update this site more, I’m paying for this site!), and check my closet for clothes that need repairs. 

Last year, my program manager, Ma’am Nena, who’s a big John Mayer fan, (who wouldn’t fall in love with that voice, no?) gave me a John Mayer shirt from one of his concerts here in Manila. Sadly, she only has XL sizes left. Thinking I could make some use to it, I said, sure, I’ll get it, even if I’m a size XS. Lol.

This shirt has been in the furthest (akala mo naman ang laki ng cabinet) side of my closet that I only remembered having it when I didn’t have anything to do. I tried it on and lo and behold, it falls perfectly above my knees. It’s super big to me that I thought this one’s perfect for a rehab. #glasshalffull

So I got one of my favorite dress (if you’re doing this, make sure to choose a dress that fits perfectly on you), put it above this humungous thing masquerading as a shirt, drew around it, cut, cut, cut, (just the sides, leave the lower portion and shoulder area and make sure to leave at least an inch for adjustments) and afterwards sew the sides back on. 

Here’s the after shot:

Works, no?

Here it is when worn:


Excuse the messy room and messy mirror, haha!  

Now it’s a wearable dress! What about you? Have you tried giving something you own a new look? Show me and let’s be #TitasOfManila (who sew) together! Haha!