Hello from the liar and lazy blogger (I said I’m posting regularly and will post HKT-BKK-REP trip I took last July), heehee, I’ve been stumped with work and watching nonsensical stuff on the interwebz and playing Spider Solitaire (gahd, I didn’t know that game’s addictive, I’ve been playing until the wee hours in the morning huhu) and the main reason why I’ve been putting off blogging was because I don’t know where to start. I didn’t have an itinerary, I didn’t have a working budget and I’ve had all the time in the world (at least 25 days of it) when I took the trip. I’m thinking of making a top ten things to do in Thailand complete with budget and stuff. So to all the people who have been asking for an itinerary, I will definitely do it this coming weekend, or before I turn another year older. That’s a promise! *insert virtual pinky swear here ala AlDub. The good news though is that I’m done with the complete itinerary and budget down to the last centavo with the Cambodia trip, but I can’t post that yet because that’s the last leg of the entire trip!

Now that we’re done with my paragraph-long excuses as to why this blog has not been updated, let me overshare about the mundane things in my life again, because that’s what this generation is supposed to do. I’m just sheeping, you know. I didn’t make the rules. With that, here are five things that happened this week:

Let It Go

So, you know how sometimes, there are things that are so hard to let go, but you have to?  How you tried everything in your power to make it work but still it’s not enough for it to stay? How you even went to the lengths of asking your mom for advice on what to do to make it work? And how one day you realized that obsessing over it is not going to make it go back to the way it used be? And then, one day, you just decided it’s time to let go. And when you did, it was fvcking amazing and felt like a huge rock has been lifted off of your chest? That’s how I’m feeling right now… when I had my hair cut today. #hugot Haha! Did I get you? See, I’ve been meaning to grow my hair again after almost three years of having it short, but the dry ends have been bugging me for the last months that I finally decided to have it chopped. Summer Finn said that the second thing she loved in the world was her hair, and how easy it is to cut it off and not feel a thing. But I felt a thing. I wanted it long, goddamnit! Liking the length so far though, looks healthier and makes me look younger, which is a good thing because I’m getting old in fifteen days.


Goodbye three inches of bleach blonde hair, I wanted you to stay, never go away from me… but you make it so hard.

No selfie because I forgot. Turns out I’m not yet a full blown millennial.

Wander Woman

I don’t know what’s wrong with my body clock these days, but I’m always so exhausted whenever I come home from work on Mondays and Thursdays, (I’m homebased on other days, thank God because Manila traffic is just FATAL! FATAL po! A person died in an ambulance because of the INC rally bwakanang—keep calm, keep calm) that I always end up sleeping for three hours, wake up hungry, have dinner at 10 or 11 PM, whenever I feel like it and then sleep at 2 or 3 in the morning, mainly because of surfing the net. It’s both a blessing and a curse. So anyway, as I was going over Facebook and stalking researching the current whereabouts of my new crush, who does not post a lot, che, I saw this CebPac ad of sale seats! The wanderlust in me palpitated! I immediately contacted my friend I’ve been meaning to visit back in Cebu and said let’s do this! So at 3am, I booked a flight to Cebu to see Rachel and finally swim with whale sharks and a solo side trip to Apo Island in nearby Dumaguete to see the amazing marine sanctuaries and see sea turtles up close! Oh my, the mermaid in me can’t wait to see these amazing sea creatures and discover the Philippines more! I would’ve wanted to do the Cebu-Bohol trip, because Bohol is in my local travel bucket list, but I’d do it when I have more time. Solo traveling has been amazing and I think it’s kind of addictive, but a non-maarte buddy will do, so will you join me discover more of Pinas?

apo island

Apo Island snorkeling, imagine what you’d see when you go diving!


swimming with whale shark in Oslob. Both photos grabbed online.

I was supposed to buy new shoes, but got plane tickets instead, because priorities. And sacrifice. My shopaholic self is crying.

In Pop Culture This Week…

If you’re a Filipino and you don’t know what’s AlDub is, I’m going to punch you in the face. Haha! Kidding. So they’re this super popular (accidental) split screen love team that has been breaking Twitter these past few weeks. And they haven’t even met yet. Last Saturday, almost the entire Philippines’ world stopped just to watch these two finally see each other in person. And they did! Until a plywood separated them again. Fvcking hilarious Pinoy TV. #ALDUBBATTLEForACause garnered 5.5 million tweets. I know!


The love team that launched five million tweets. Photo not mine.

Then I got into some media deconstruction phase (hard not to when you graduated with a Comm degree) and told this to a diehard fan who happens to be a friend when we were chatting on Viber: So I was watching Beauty and the Beast (I was in my nieces’ house) Then I realized that this AlDub love team is defying everything that we believed about love when we were young. Just because somebody showed you and gave you access to his humongous library, had a romantic dinner, hung out in the garden and sang to the birds, you already love this person and willing to die for her? Hahaha! Disney screwed us all up with his happily ever afters, but what happens after “and they lived happily ever after”? AlDub has the song and dance numbers, the antagonist, the “starcrossed” lovers, the kilig, that “I wish my love story is going to be as fun and kilig as this”, the “this is worth fighting for” plot, but it also tells us that you have to work for it and not “kayo agad?!” It has the Filipino values that we grew up with while mocking the formulaic love stories we have in the country with all the kidnapping and lost diaries and what have you. I mean seriously, literal na hadlang ay plywood? Who would’ve thought of that? It’s an adult fairytale-serye that is specifically designed for Filipinos. So screw you, Walt Disney!

Girl’s Day Out

I’ve posted this on social media yesterday but this has got to be one of the highlights of my week: spending time with my babies! I finally had the time (and the budget) to take them out and get the shoes I owe them. Ate Peyu was super funny, she wanted those transformer shoes (has wheels in them) but they’re out of stock. Feeling a bit sad, I showed her T Swift’s Keds poster and told her, “look at what she’s wearing, let’s get the same shoes from Payless?” She immediately get kilig for having matchy matchy with Tay-tay that her disappointment was gone in a second! Haha! Poi was unbelievably decided right away with what she wanted to buy considering she changed clothes for the nth time before going out, even shouting “wala akong damit!!!” (I have nothing to wear!!!)

girls day out

with the selfie princess and nothing to wear baby girl

Vrooom! New Job!

Nope, I didn’t resign, I just added a new one on top of the existing job because honestly, the first one is going to dry up my funds faster than I can say Cebu in November if I just keep the one job! And if I want to have funds for travel, I definitely need this. And I’ve been itching to write for TV again, I guess first love never dies, eh? Tomorrow’s the first brainstorming meeting with the team to plan for the entire season’s run and I’m supposed to make a list of treatment and ideas that I want, but then I’m typing this… so I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Oh! It’s for a motoring show, and I’m a girl who can’t even tell what an SUV is. Or what it stands for. Or know how to drive. I’m in for a surprise. I hope I don’t get trampled by car ideas tomorrow!

I’m still a little lost on what to do with my life after parting ways with my dream job. I don’t think I believe in career ladders anymore. I hope someone will try and break the ladder and create a new system. I don’t know what it’s going to be. But I just want to be happy. Where do I find a compass or a map to that?

are we out of the woods yet?

Are we out of the woods yet?

Oh, by the way, I was in research mode for this new job for tomorrow’s brainstorm meet that I came across some things that I wish to share with you. Wala lang, these are today’s internet finds:

Wonderwall played in Spotify and I love knowing the meaning from the songwriters behind songs that I like. Sure, we can all have our own meaning to certain songs and dedicate it to someone, but I always liked knowing why it’s written, who’s it for and all that shizz. Today’s song is Wonderwall.

Twenty Things You May Not Know About Wonderwall: http://www.nme.com/photos/oasis-20-things-you-may-not-know-about-wonderwall/363075

“A wonderwall can be anything. It’s just a beautiful word. It’s like looking for that bus ticket, and you’re trying to fucking find it, that bastard, and you finally find it and you pull it out, ‘Fucking mega, that is me wonderwall.'”

And! These two videos about the Philippines, why I came across them, I don’t know how, the internet has its crazy way of algorithm and things. The second one may give you answers on why traffic is horrendous in this country.

BBC Documentary

Don’t Drive Here Manila

Aaaand, that’s my week so far. Oh, I forgot to overshare on how I got into an argument and how I got pissed because apparently two of my friends are associating me with the word judgmental. How judgmental of them to say that. Oh, the irony.

So how are you? No, I’m not just asking because I can’t end this post properly, I’m actually asking how are you so please answer if you have reached this part. Okay? Okay.